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Edinburgh and Dunkeld and surrounds with kids

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Zonne Tue 06-Sep-22 17:59:45

I'm taking my grandaughters - who will be aged just 12, just 10, and 4 - to the Enchanted Forest this October half term. We have have a flat booked in Edinburgh for three nights/3.5 days, and are then staying in Dunkeld for the weekend (Friday - Sunday). We will have a car.

The kids have few interests in common, although they all like history and boats. Happy, within reason, to do separate things with them, but there are only two adults going so that limits that a bit. They are all happy to walk fairly long distances - even the little one will wander 10 miles a day in a city, if it's interspersed with doing things.

This will be their first visit to Scotland, so we're keen to make it interesting and fun for them, but I'm now worried I'm trying to cram too much in or making the wrong choices!

For Edinburgh and around, was thinking

- Real Mary King's Close for the older two (ideas for what I might do with the younger one for that time welcome);
- World of Illusions/Camera Obscura;
- National Museum (the bloodthirsty middle one is dead keen to see the wee coffins and the lego model of the museum itself);
- we're going to walk up Arthur's Seat, as the older one is volcano mad;
- Dynamic Earth.
- The little one wants a castle visit, and I thought Craigmillar Castle might be better than Edinburgh;

I wondered about a day out of the city, maybe to New Lanark and the Falkirk Wheel (they all love boats), with a quick look at the Kelpies (because Brave, apparently!). Ideally, we'd have done that on the way to Edinburgh, but the timing doesn't work for us.

Open to suggestions for Dunkeld/Pitlochry area, as I pretty much only know the Oak, Cathedral and Beatrix Potter garden in the former, and the Dam in the latter. I was thinking of the Crannoch Centre, but they haven't rebuilt the Crannoch yet, I gather, so I will take them another time.

Thanks for any suggestions/critiques etc.

Septimia Tue 06-Sep-22 18:02:45

Some good ideas there - we're taking GD (aged 11) to Edinburgh at half-term. It'll be a brief visit (will aim to go again) and we're going to the castle and the zoo. She's still not too old to get excited about the zoo!

FarNorth Tue 06-Sep-22 18:06:37

Those all sound like great ideas.
There's the Museum of Childhood too, in the Royal Mile.
How about soft play for the little one while the others are at Mary King's Close?

Have you asked on Mumsnet too? You'd probably get useful help there.

Oldbat1 Tue 06-Sep-22 18:21:31

The museum of Edinburgh is a great place to visit. It is on same street as Greyfriars Bobby and just around corner is cafe where Harry Potter was written. The Royal Yacht at Leith is worth a visit too.
Dunked has the Hermitage which is a lovely walk.

ElaineI Tue 06-Sep-22 18:22:41

Soft play at Commonwealth Pool is very good. The part for over 2's is quite big. Or swimming there? We tried to go to Pitlochry theatre in Feb but the whole place was being upgraded and full of contractor vans. We had a nice walk in Fiscally Woods near Pitlochry. The falls of Bruar are quite spectacular and a nice walk up then there's House of Bruar for some hot chocolate or coffee. Nice if pricey shop.

ElaineI Tue 06-Sep-22 18:24:02

Faskally not Fiscally

Grayling Tue 06-Sep-22 18:49:32

Ticked off everything on your list Zonne last year with my 12yr old DGS and had a great time (him and I). He asked if we could do it again this year but I suggested Glasgow and he was happy with that. Again we had a wonderful time and although the weather was kind to us it didn't really matter as most of the activies were indoors. Thought he might have other ideas next year as he is growing up fast but we do enjoy our trips and he has suggested London!! We'll see - it's quite a journey from the north of Scotland but it would be fun. Hope you have a great time.

Grannynannywanny Tue 06-Sep-22 19:12:12

My son, Dil and 2 grandchildren age 7 and 9 spent mid term in Edinburgh. They loved this climbing centre. Apparently the biggest Clip n Climb centre in Europe.

Aveline Tue 06-Sep-22 19:26:02

Lauriston castle might be more interesting than Craigmiller castle. It's not a ruin and there are beautiful gardens including a lovely Japanese garden presented by the Japanese government.

Zonne Tue 06-Sep-22 20:19:22

Thank you all, there are some great ideas there, including places I didn’t know about, and one or two I’d forgotten all about. Adding them to my list!