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Recommendation for river cruises please

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Sophiasnana Wed 28-Sep-22 20:46:09

We are thinking about doing a river cruise next spring, having done quite a few ocean cruises and loved them. Know nothing about river cruising, but we dont like things like fixed dining times and fixed sharing tables! Anyone recommend a good river cruising company?

Norah Wed 28-Sep-22 20:54:46

Fixed dining at night, buffet and breakfast and mid-day. No fixed sharing tables ever. Many times we select to sit at a table for 2, if available, to talk about our day and next day.

We love Viking, having made 8 Viking trips.

Humbertbear Wed 28-Sep-22 20:56:30

Just back from cruising the Rhone with Titan. Couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Sit where you like and long serving times. All the staff were friendly and helpful. All inclusive with five walking tours included. You can pay a lot more but we were very happy. watch out for the pricing - some companies look better but Titan gives you free chauffeur driven car to and from the airport and drinks are included all day long, not just with meals.

Norah Wed 28-Sep-22 21:11:37

Oh dear. I didn't reply well.

Dinner menu has 2-3 choices, typically, and "always choices". Menus include foods that can be ordered for vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc.

Breakfast and mid-day are buffets, typically, but some people order from a menu of what is on the buffet, a waiter serves them.

There is wine at mid-day and dinner - just out on the tables or served, no charge. I believe there was beer sometimes, just out on ice, as well.

Floradora9 Wed 28-Sep-22 21:29:33

Riviera travel are good if you want to get advice about rivers we love the Danube the Rhine and the Seine : for scenery most of the time the first two are great with lovely castles popping up . Meal times are set though but if you are going off on an excursion they need to be set. We liked the stops on the Seine like Monet's garden .

Aveline Wed 28-Sep-22 21:31:52

Viking really take care of you. We've done Amsterdam to Budapest, Grand France and Douro cruises. Beautiful ships. Drinks, tips and excursions included.