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Tenerife in November

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NanaAng14 Fri 21-Oct-22 21:10:15

Has anyone been to Tenerife in November , booking a few days for the end of next month and wondered what the weather is like. Will it still be t-shirts /shorts or will I pack hoodie / trousers .

Charleygirl5 Fri 21-Oct-22 21:44:57

The south will be scorching hot. I would take a cardigan for evenings- you may or may not need it.

Many years ago we went around that time of year annually but not to the south and I found the weather so pleasant.

If for example, you are going to Mount Teide you will need your anorak.


merlotgran Fri 21-Oct-22 22:24:52

I used to go every November to Los Gigantes on the west coast. The temp was usually around 24C which was perfect.

AsCharleygirl says, a cardigan is handy for the evenings.

Floradora9 Sat 22-Oct-22 21:46:11

It will be like a wonderful summer in the UK . We went every year to the Canaries in november/december and usually had wonderful weather.

V3ra Sat 22-Oct-22 22:22:12

There will be snow on the summit of Mount Teide, so if you go up on the cable car you will want your winter coats!
We've always stayed by the coast on the Golf del Sur and it's been sunny and warm, but breezy.

SuzieHi Sat 22-Oct-22 22:28:09

The last few years the weather has been great in S Tenerife in Oct/Nov /early Dec
World weather is changing though- they’ve had quite a lot of cloud this summer & a few storms so go prepared for anything! It will be warmer than uk whatever the weather!
Wear trousers, jumper, jacket to travel- and pack a folding umbrella. Also pack beachwear & a few summer clothes so you’re prepared for anything. Last year we went in Nov & it was fab - didn’t even need a jumper in the eve

Humbertbear Sat 22-Oct-22 22:31:37

The weather is good - it gets dark early but stays warm

shysal Sun 23-Oct-22 07:49:43

I used to enjoy holidaying in the Canaries in the winter. The temperatures were around 25C. There were floods one year in Tenerife but they were well dealt with by drainage channels.
Enjoy your break!

Allsorts Sun 23-Oct-22 07:54:20

Love November there, perfect temperature, it was just the Airports that stopped me going.

NanaAng14 Sun 23-Oct-22 10:08:44

Thank you , first time abroad since Feb 2020, Have been to City breaks in UK, recently in London and realised Dp isn't as fit as he was, decided to book a few days in the Canaries. After we get the traveling over we can relax and stroll in the warm .

Ro60 Sun 23-Oct-22 14:35:26

Don't forget to book "assisted travel" if your DP is struggling with movement.
The airport queues can be very long and tiring these days. I've used it for my Mum in the past even though she's not registered as disabled. I think the airport's would rather sort a problem rather than create one.

Norah Sun 23-Oct-22 14:40:02

November in the Canaries is wonderful. Have fun.

Norah Sun 23-Oct-22 14:46:46

There's a thread about Christmas markets - Tenerife’s is fantastic. I don't know if it begins in late November, something to consider.

Gfplux Wed 26-Oct-22 19:16:46

We always visit in November. In fact we will be there 5th to 19th this year.
It is normally T Shirt, shorts and sandal weather. It’s even pleasant in the evening.
However who can forecast. We are just keeping our fingers crossed.