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Northern Portugal- does anyone know of a good guide?

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Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 09:21:32

Planning our next 'discovery' holiday for October and would like to source a guide which specialises in Northern Portugal only, from Lisbon up to Porto and beyond and the Douro Valley.


Joseanne Wed 28-Dec-22 09:42:30

I'm not sure how you feel about doing this, but I watch travellers' YouTube videos of the places I am visiting. Very often they stumble across things not in the guide books and I like the fact you can get through the videos in quick succession. Otherwise, I find Lonely Planet guides cover most things, especially in cities.

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 10:05:07

Thanks, yes, happy to do this as well. Bought several magazines too. We intend to fly to Porto and fly back from Lisbon, and do all the travel there by train, and the Douro Cruise, of course.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a great guide for Northern Portugal only.

flump Wed 28-Dec-22 13:42:57

This is the email of a very knowledgeable man who is an official guide in that area and also instructs others how to be guides. Hopefully he will be able to help you. We met him when we went on a Douro cruise in September.
[email protected]

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 13:48:11

Ah thanks flump- that could be VERY useful.

We don't intend to go on a Douro cruise, but want to book independently to go up river in a boat, and return with the steam train. THANKS.

flump Wed 28-Dec-22 15:26:52

My pleasure. He's a lovely man. Hope you manage to sort all the arrangements out. smile

Norah Wed 28-Dec-22 18:46:35

Our children and spouses, GC and GGC LOVED the "Harry Potter" aspect in Porto. You can find it all on the internet.

Easy, self guided. We took them all, various times, always good.

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 18:57:35

Thanks, no children with us this trip.

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 19:08:18

Perhaps I should go on a 'reckie' soon smile

MawtheMerrier Wed 28-Dec-22 19:26:20

Do you mean “guide” as in a person, or “guide book”
I reckon Lonely Planet guides (still) take some beating.

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 19:41:03

Guide as in a book. Lonely Planet and the like are about Portugal general, and I am looking for a specific guide book for Northern Portugal.

Joseanne Wed 28-Dec-22 19:45:47

You could email Stanfords or give them a call. They know their stuff.

[email protected]

020 7836 1321

MawtheMerrier Wed 28-Dec-22 20:06:14

Yes, I thought you must mean guide-book.
Do you have these? (All WOB)

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 20:11:50

I have some of those for other countries. But it is mainly about walking.

MawtheMerrier Wed 28-Dec-22 20:54:28

That’s OK, don’t mention it. hmm

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 20:54:31

We intend to travel around by train, boat and buses.

CanadianGran Wed 28-Dec-22 21:09:26

When we visited France 6 years ago I looked at organized tours to see where they were going and then took some of their ideas for ourselves. We did a combination of trains and car rentals for a two week visit, and it was very memorable.

By copying an agenda, you can tailor it to your own pace and style of accommodation.

I also went to the travel forums at Fodor's website. I think that site caters more towards more mature independent travellers rather than younger hostel types like on Lonely Planet. The forums are full of enthusiastic travellers with good advice.

It sounds like you are planning an interesting trip, so you must report back afterwards.

Fleurpepper Wed 28-Dec-22 21:19:48

Yes, great idea CanadianGran- I have got a couple of brochures and looking at the Northern Portugal itineraries.