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Specialist round the world king term trip travel insurance?

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Siope Fri 24-Feb-23 12:50:29

Long shot, I suspect, I but does anyone have recommendations/experience for travel insurance for a 1 year plus, round the world, backpacking trip for a 75 year old with existing conditions, please? We used Age UK for a similar trip pre-lockdown, but they aren’t doing travel insurance presently.

Not annual multi-trip insurance, we already have that but it’s limited to trips of up to a month at a time.

We do have the Association of Insurers specialist brokers list, but it’s taking forever to ring them all only to find the combination of age/length of travel/health means either a no, or a 5 figure quote - it feels presently that it would be faster, cheaper and easier to divorce the old man, but that seems extreme - so I thought I’d solicit personal recommendations.

Thank you

Siope Fri 24-Feb-23 12:51:53

And clearly the title should say long, not king. I don’t have delusions of travelling like royalty.

Jaxjacky Fri 24-Feb-23 13:43:04

Try Staysure, we used them for 8 month cover in Europe a few years ago.

Siope Fri 24-Feb-23 14:40:33

Thank you.