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Inter-rail passes for over 60s

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mumofmadboys Mon 27-Feb-23 17:01:15

Has anyone done an inter-railing holiday recently and how did you get on? We want to visit friends in Switzerland and family in Portugal and visit a few places in between and maybe Paris en route to Switzerland. Looking for advice from seasoned train users please.

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 17:12:38

We did last year. with my big bro who is nearly 85. We took a pass for any 6 days travel, in 15. Unlike the old days though, you have to book trains, date and time and seat, for many trains. Although we didn't have to in the old trains in Slovenia.

Not sure if you can include EuroStar. Journey to Paris is brilliant- you have to check in as for a plane at St Pancras. Arrive at Gare du Nord, which is close to the Marais District we like-( we stay at Citadines Hotels, very reasonable and they have quite a few in Paris only). To go to Switzerland, you take the TGV train, quite a few depending on your destination. Where are you aiming for in Switzerland? Different TGV (fast speed) trains go to Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Basel, Zurich ...

To go to Portugal from Switzerland is quite far, can make stops in Bordeaux and Madrid. AGain, depending where you are going to in Portugal Porto, Lisbon or the Algarve.

Look at the amazing site, the man in seat 21.

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 17:15:29

61 not 21

We actually chose First Class passes, because we wanted to do some of the mountain routes in premium scenic carriages, and we could not pay extra just for those days. My big bro gave us the top-up as Christmas and BD presents.

mumofmadboys Mon 27-Feb-23 17:37:05

Friends live in Bern, family near Porto
Thanks Fleurpepper for all the info.Much appreciated

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 18:16:44

The famous Paris-Bern line was opened in 1861, and first used by Thomas Cook and clients to return from a trip to the Bernese Alps in 1863, well described by the Diary of Miss Jemima, from London. And amazing adventure. And also by a great book called 'Slow Train to Switzerland' by Diccon Bewes- retracing Cook's steps from Paris to Chamonix and on to the Wallis region on up and over to the Bernese Alps. Well worth reading.

Sadly, this does not run in one piece any longer. TGV trains by-pass it.

There is an amzing rail route with vintages coaches via the North Spain route, but sadly this can only be done as an expensive pre-booked journey, and quite expensive- and not available on Inter-rail. There is a way to link it to Porto.

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 18:18:38

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 18:21:11

We did FRance, Montreux in Switzerland, Northern Italy (Verona and Gorizia) Slovenia, Lake Bled and Lubljana, Austria ,Graz and Inssbruck and return via Bern.

Fleurpepper Wed 01-Mar-23 13:27:27

Not read it all yet, but this may be interesting, from Lonely Planet