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Caribbean Holiday.

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Calendargirl Mon 13-Mar-23 10:54:36

Thinking about going to the Caribbean January/February time, just DH and me.

Never been, and think a restful break there would be nice.

Any recommendations where best to go, any hints and tips welcome, good or bad.

And which travel companies to look out for.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 13-Mar-23 11:08:05

Aruba, Antigua and St.Lucia are beautiful personally I would avoid Dominican Republic.

If you want to sight see and do more than fly and flop Antigua or St.Lucia have more to offer that Aruba. We loved the vibe of Aruba along with its extremely low crime rate.

Who have used both Virgin and British Airways.

LRavenscroft Mon 13-Mar-23 12:00:19

Check out Carib Tours. Personally, I would opt for Barbados or Antigua as they are the larger islands. There is all sorts to do from swimming, water sports, trips out on a boat, dining, shopping, and history. If you are interested in the people and culture both these islands are rich and of course the music scene if you are into reggae etc. You could hire a car but the bus service is also good. Make sure you take plenty of sun tan creme and mozzie repellent. And, it is hot! So, wide brimmed hats, good sun glasses and light airy clothing. We had a ball and used to go twice a year. We stayed in Holetown in Barbados on the west coast which had a good bus service into Bridgetown. St Lawrence Gap had a good night life and the east coast for surfing.

Llamedos13 Mon 13-Mar-23 12:03:37

Totally agree Barbados is just wonderfull

Gingster Mon 13-Mar-23 12:06:22

Aruba - my DH’s most favourite place in the world .

dogsmother Mon 13-Mar-23 12:37:29

Had a wonderful week in Tobago’s few years ago, room pretty much opened out on to the beach, everything you could imagine on a smaller island. It was perfect.

Visgir1 Mon 13-Mar-23 13:10:20

Done a few Islands now in Caribbean.
Barbados my favourite followed by Antigua.
Hire a car even for a few days worth it. Have fun 😎

Tenko Tue 14-Mar-23 07:53:15

Barbados is lovely. Lots to do if you’re not a beach person . Driving is easy as is the bus service . I felt safe wandering around the island . We did b & b and stayed near st lawerence gap . Lots of restaurants and bars but we were in a quiet area .
St Lucia is also lovely and we felt safe . We stayed in Rodney Bay where we could walk to shops. bars and restaurants.
It depends what you want , if you want to fly and flop then an AI could be option. Cuba , Dom Rep and Mexico have loads of AI hotels mostly with nothing around . So you’re stuck with organised tours .

DaffyDill Tue 14-Mar-23 20:12:43

Barbados is my favourite place in the world .Usually stay on the west coast .the bus service is great .but I would hire a car for a few days .as there’s plenty to see and do on the island .
The people are warm .welcoming and friendly too .have always felt safe there .Have flown with BA and Virgin
Virgin deff the better airline nowadays in my opinion

Sar53 Tue 14-Mar-23 21:51:35

Our favourites are Antigua and St Lucia and we flew with Virgin.
Both islands felt very safe with friendly people.

NotSpaghetti Tue 14-Mar-23 21:58:18

Martinique was my favourite.

21Tinkerbell Tue 14-Mar-23 22:03:29

Loved Barbados and Antigua.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Mar-23 22:05:10

I have only been to St Lucia and stayed at the Body Holiday. It is all inclusive with a treatment everyday and every activity you can think of. The best bits were the cookie jar on the counter at the beach cafe and putting our flag in the sand on the beach to ask for a rum punch. Everything was included even high quality wines.

JenniferEccles Wed 15-Mar-23 00:02:41

Have you considered a Caribbean cruise? A two week holiday flying say to Barbados would take in about ten islands, with the other days spent at sea.
That way you could decide which ones you would love to spend longer at another year.
Of course you may find like we did that cruising is the best way to see as much as possible.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 15-Mar-23 03:16:20

If it is rest and relaxation as well as an introduction to the Caribbean - you can do no better than the west coast of Barbados.

Every island has a different character though and something to offer.

You have chosen the best time of year as well.