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Dundee centre hotel? Travelling by train from SE England

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Wolwol Tue 21-Mar-23 02:47:10

Hi all,

I'm hoping to visit a mostly online group for a day or two in Dundee, June. I've driven before, for a week, but this time it's a couple of days, so I'll get the train. I need to be really close to transport, places to eat etc.

Lowish budget, but all suggestions very welcome smile

Thank you in advance!

Wolwol Tue 21-Mar-23 03:04:28

Just had a quick look, and do want a room to myself, preferably ensuite smile

nanna8 Tue 21-Mar-23 07:09:27

Have a google and/ or check out travel sites and feedback forums about the different places to stay. Look at air B and B.

MawtheMerrier Tue 21-Mar-23 07:18:54

Have you looked at the Ptemier Inn on Discovery Quay? Close to the V&A and of course the Discovery which is fascinating. If you can get a room on the Tay side, the views are lovely. And actually no distance from the city centre.

Blondiescot Tue 21-Mar-23 07:48:29

We stayed in the Sleeperz Hotel, which is right above the station in Dundee, just across from the V&A. It was lovely, good location, nice breakfast - we had no complaints whatsoever and would happily stay there again.

Grammaretto Tue 21-Mar-23 07:50:46

I've been a few times on the train to Dundee (why would you arrive any other way!) I agree with Maw. Somewhere near the station/quayside would be lovely.
Check out TripAdvisor etc as nanna8 suggests.

MawtheMerrier Tue 21-Mar-23 08:20:22

I meant Premier Inn of course - fat finger syndrome blush

ronib Tue 21-Mar-23 08:36:13

Just make sure you have seat reservations for outward and return train journeys if travelling by train!

Wolwol Fri 24-Mar-23 03:32:10

Thank you everyone smile

@Grammaretto I drove before, for flexibility, which meant I had a fabulous few days in Dundee, and a slow journey back south. Just a couple of days in Dundee this time though, so train. I do have bad memories of trains in the 1970s though, having to sit on the crowded floor outside the loo...and rude first class passengers.

The Discovery car park when I visited became 'mine' - such a wonderful view...

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions; as soon as I know it's happening, I'll check Premier Inn, Sleeperz, feedback forums
@Mawthe Merrier @Blondiescot @nanna8

@ronib Thank you - I rarely do trains, I was forgetting the reservation bit....

Thank you smile

Grammaretto Fri 24-Mar-23 18:46:22

I love that train journey.
It's one of the best ever.
First you cross the Forth Bridge, then up the east coast watching for dolphins and seals then the approach to Dundee over the Tay bridge. That's why I said why go any other way

ronib Fri 24-Mar-23 18:51:27

As a young person I travelled on The Flying Scotsman…. to visit my grandmother. It was epic! And steamy!

More recently the journey from Dundee was a potential disaster as no seats were available and it was the kindness of strangers who saved the day. The ticket collector was extremely unsympathetic! So be warned.