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Hull by AirB&B

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LadyHonoriaDedlock Sat 25-Mar-23 14:24:20

You may ask, why Hull? Well, I did live there a long time ago (long ago enough to have been on the old Humber ferry a couple of times and to have watched the bridge grow). I'm keen to visit The Deep, sample the Newland Avenue café culture and see just how the old place has changed. It was a city more maligned than it deserved. It was where I spent my unhappy three-year teaching career (I was never a born teacher) but that wasn't the city's fault.

I'm ambivalent about AirB&B. I've only used it once before and it was a positive experience, eight years ago I stayed with a lovely gay couple in Ashton-under-Lyne while I went to a wedding party in Manchester. I've heard horror stories but Ruth my host on this occasion sounds lovely.

I'm interested to hear experiences, both of AirB&B and of returning to old haunts after many years.

Maggiemaybe Mon 27-Mar-23 15:24:15

I've no experience at all of Air B&B, but just wanted to say that we've been to Hull twice recently and really enjoyed our visits. It gets a rough press still, but we had some interesting walks round the city and were impressed by the museums and art gallery (all free), and the people were so friendly - on two occasions when we'd got the map out someone stopped in the street to give us tourist tips. The second time we stayed we opted for the Wetherspoons Hotel, really just because I was curious about them. I must say it was excellent for the (extremely cheap) price, and very well soundproofed, which to be fair it needed to be - we had a lively couple of hours in the bar after our Bob Dylan gig before leaving them all to it and retiring to our quiet space upstairs!

Returning to old haunts? That's always been a positive experience for me, as they've usually been spruced up a bit since I left, in a good way.

susytish Fri 09-Jun-23 21:35:45

I too lived in Hull until 5 years ago. Remember the Lincoln Castle ferry and watched the Humber Bridge being built.

NotSpaghetti Fri 09-Jun-23 22:19:10

I have used Airbnb and had mixed results. We always book the whole property- my daughter doesn't. She uses it a lot and has also had mixed bookings.

Often it's more expensive (with the add-ons) than a decent hotel though. It was not like this years ago.

I've had lovely properties but also "not as described".
I had one host lie to me about a private swimming pool which was "behind the house" - when questioned about it I was assured in writing that it was 20 mtrs from the back door... It was a shared pool ¼mile away!

Glorianny Fri 09-Jun-23 22:19:36

It was my home town. I'd say look at hotels as well as Air B&B's it is incredibly cheap compared with other places.
Ferens Art Gallery is still there and has a nice cafe.
Wilberforce museum and a transport museum still there.
The market which used to be outside Holy Trinity Church has moved indoors. The church is worth a visit. It has what was known as the De la Pole tomb, which is now recognised as a wool merchant's
If you can go when there is something on at the New Theatre it's worth visiting.

Sago Fri 09-Jun-23 22:21:44

Hi there, I live in the “Avenues” Hull, please feel free to PM me regarding accommodation.

Cabbie21 Sat 10-Jun-23 07:57:25

I have stayed in several AirBnBs, but they were all separate self-catering properties, all lovely. Hull is surely well worth a visit, and why not go back to old haunts? As long as you don’t expect things to be unchanged.

Baggs Sat 10-Jun-23 10:03:09

MrB and I stayed in an AirBnB in Beverley last year so that I could revisit some childhood haunts in Hull. I was there in the early sixties.

The airbnb was fine and well placed for York, Beverley and Spurn Point as well as the East Yorkshire seaside towns.

BlueSapphire Sat 10-Jun-23 11:35:49

DD was at university in Hull, and DH and I always used to stay at the Holiday Inn, overlooking the Marina. Just realised that' s 20 years ago!

Chardy Sat 10-Jun-23 15:56:50

I've used Airbnb many times, in UK and abroad, as part of a couple, with several family and on a couple of occasions, just me and DD with dogs - I always book the 'entire place'. I've never had a poor experience. The places have always been very clean, plenty of info about things to do, transport, places to eat etc.

The worst I can recall is one host who wasn't particularly welcoming when we arrived!

Chardy Sat 10-Jun-23 15:57:59

I've been to Hull only once, the city seemed lovely, the people welcoming.