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Kateykrunch Sun 21-May-23 14:41:21

We want to travel along the North Yorkshire Coast, I look at Hotels and then make the mistake of checking Trip Advisor and get put off. I wondered if it might be an idea to give our personal recommendations for places we have stayed and felt were suitable to recommend.
I can start:

Wrea Head Hall Hotel, Scalby, Nr. Scarborough.

Gisborough Hall Hotel, Guisborough.

Hunday Manor, Winscales, Cumbria.

Floradora9 Sun 21-May-23 21:37:30

I trust trip advisor most of the time . Only once did we go to hotel that got good reviews and we did not like it .

Perhaps you should say what kind of hotel you want be it a B & B or a proper posh going down to dinner hotel . I could name several in the Lake Distric we have visited often .

Farmor15 Mon 22-May-23 08:11:03

I find reviews on better than Trip Advisor. You don't have to book through then to look at reviews.
I know Kateykrunch was looking for direct recommendations, but there doesn't seem to have been much response so far.

JackyB Mon 22-May-23 11:05:21

I have given up on reviews. For every one that raves about the breakfast, or how friendly the staff is, how quiet the rooms, comfortable the beds, there's always another reviewer who says exactly the opposite.

I just check : is breakfast included? Is there a pool? Is there parking (is it free? Under cover? Locked?). Other facts you i find out would include size of room in sq ft or m. "free WiFi" might not be available everywhere on the premises and the TV might not get all the programmes it promises.

It is a good idea to ask for actual personal experiences but I fear that (a) there are just too many hotels which could come up and (b) eventually the reviews will contradict each other.

Kateykrunch Mon 22-May-23 13:21:43

Hello, yes, I was hoping for actual recommendations of places GN’s may have stayed and loved. I also thought it might be a valuable resource for others if we mentioned a place we really liked, hence my suggestions.
Heres hoping for some and thank you for your comments so far.

Davida1968 Mon 22-May-23 14:32:42

We've had good stays at Wrea Head & Gisborough, too.

Katyj Mon 22-May-23 18:30:14

We stayed in the Carlyon bay hotel, Saint Austell in Cornwall last July. We loved it, the bedrooms were spacious and clean, there’s a spa and outdoor pool. We booked last minute saving about a third off the price.

Cheesey Mon 22-May-23 20:25:28

Loch Melfort Hotel on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, south of Oban. Comfortable country house style with amazing views.
Westlea, 5 star guest house in Ullapool. Lovely quirky and colourful decor, very comfortable and very friendly and helpful owners.
Langdale Hotel and Spa in the Lake District, set in beautiful grounds. If you are really pushing the boat out for a special occasion stay in the Brimstone on the same site. Fabulous rooms and a “reading room” where you can help yourself to wine, beer, nice coffees and soft drinks plus snacks whenever you like. Breakfast delivered to your own covered balcony.
Sun Inn in lovely Kirkby Lonsdale. Old inn with lovely rooms and cosy bar.
Sorry, I may have got a bit carried away. smile

Glorianny Mon 22-May-23 22:12:34

If you want somewhere closer to the town in Scarborough, The Crown Spa hotel has great rooms. some of the sea view rooms have balconies and there is a Spa and a pool.

NotSpaghetti Tue 23-May-23 07:02:31

The North Yorkshire Coast isn't somewhere I've been for years and years but as Floradora9 says, what one person likes, another wouldn’t.

The reviews online are still helpful I feel as some people rave about things you know you really don't want and conversely others loathe just what you are looking for.

I have yet to find the "welcoming chatty helpful" B and B host that suits me in the morning (for example) but know people who love this at breakfast!

Katyj Tue 23-May-23 08:03:08

Sorry I’ve posted on the wrong thread 😵‍💫

MerylStreep Tue 23-May-23 08:08:51

A B&B in Scarborough has been voted the best in the world for the third year running.

PiscesLady Wed 24-May-23 12:47:37

What a lovely thread! I always enjoy thinking of holidays!
Three lovely cottages we have stayed in:
Daisy Cottage in Thornton Le Dale, Yorkshire:
Hunters Moon, Windermere, Lake District A bungalow with Lakelovers agency.
Withan Farm Wing, near Helston Cornwall booked through
Since Covid some of the prices seem to have rocketed but I have noticed some agencies have a lot of reductions for later bookings.

Kateykrunch Fri 16-Jun-23 19:51:38

Thanks everyone for these recommendations and tips, its appreciated.

Kateykrunch Tue 11-Jul-23 22:05:57

Just thought I would bump this thread to see if anyone has any further recommendations in view of the input in the other thread about the dire cottage holiday, I think it would be really helpful to have some “Ive been there and it was lovely, I highly recommend it” type posts. I would be glad to know of any North East, Northumberland and Dungeness places to stay (I asked regarding Dungeness some years ago before cancer got in the way!, interesting/poignant looking back at previous threads), so I’d appreciate any info as I need to start getting on with getting on but all the flipping negative reviews put me off. Thanks in anticipation and ready to book lol.

Primrose53 Tue 11-Jul-23 22:57:42

We stayed at a Warners Leisure Hotel for 4 days recently. Gunton Hall near Lowestoft. never been before and they have hotels all over the country.

Very clean villa with huge bed, all inclusive really good meals, great entertainment (surprised us actually as when we go abroad we are never bothered about entertainment.) lovely grounds and no need to leave the complex as you can walk, swim, bowl, etc etc.

I don’t like being with loads of people and we like our own space but it suited us fine as our villa overlooked a lawned area with just squirrels and bunnies.

Kateykrunch Wed 12-Jul-23 11:01:20

Thats interesting Primrose, thanks for your response. We had an awful experience at the Warners place in Corton. Our ‘chalet’ was teaming with ants over everything, absolutely covered. We went for dinner whilst reception tried to deal with it and the finishing touch for me was we were put at a squashed in table for 2 by the window where the sill (inside) was covered in dead flies. The place was full, they didnt have an alternative room, so they gave us a refund and we drove all the way back home same day. Perhaps that should have gone on the ‘rubbish holiday accomodation’ thread lol. Still hoping to get some recommendations here though, fingers crossed.

Kateykrunch Thu 27-Jul-23 10:28:19

Crikey, I need to stop reading trip advisor reviews! Someone actually was pleased to say that their towels were clean!! I think I expect far too much lol. Still looking for some recommendations though please, thankyou.

Cheesey Thu 27-Jul-23 13:51:46

I have just re-read the thread and realised my previous post was a complete waste of time as you are particularly looking for North West Yorkshire. smile
We have however just stayed in a beautiful cottage in gorgeous countryside about 12 miles inland from Scarborough. We found the location particularly good being in very easy reach of both the coast and lovely countryside and villages. Link following.
Owners onsite but very unobtrusive and could not have been nicer or more helpful.

Kateykrunch Thu 27-Jul-23 14:07:03

Oh thank you Cheesey. I really am looking for anywhere that comes with a good recommendation. We want to restart exploring.

Cheesey Thu 27-Jul-23 15:33:05

You are welcome Kateykrunch. Hope you find somewhere lovely.
It’s strange for me typing your user name. Kateykrunch is what my Grandad always called me and my sister does now.

Kateykrunch Thu 27-Jul-23 22:19:36


You are welcome Kateykrunch. Hope you find somewhere lovely.
It’s strange for me typing your user name. Kateykrunch is what my Grandad always called me and my sister does now.

Oh thats lovely!