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Twirl49 Wed 24-May-23 02:38:41

Anyone recommend a laptop mine has given up
Hoping to retire soon so wanted something to store photos as well as editing them when I know which is a good editing package and then general emails I just don’t know which brand of laptop to choose I know it has to be a windows 11 at the moment

BlueBelle Wed 24-May-23 03:20:08

Why not have an iPad or similar I ve not used a laptop for years you can store and edit thousands of photos and they are so convenient for travel They do everything a laptop does and more in a compact light size

Twirl49 Thu 25-May-23 16:22:34

I was given an iPad when I was in hospital just feel I need something piggery for looking and cataloging photos

Tenko Thu 25-May-23 16:30:49

I’ve always had Apple both for desktop and laptop . I know they’re expensive but I think they are worth it .

Norah Thu 25-May-23 16:32:36

Curry's have good advisors, maybe start there?

Wheniwasyourage Thu 25-May-23 20:12:31


I’ve always had Apple both for desktop and laptop . I know they’re expensive but I think they are worth it .

Me too. When I went into the Apple shop to buy my first iPhone they couldn't have been more helpful. No patronising of the old woman who didn't have a smartphone, but listening and advising. I was not rushed and made a choice with which I am still very pleased.

Farmor15 Fri 26-May-23 09:05:17

If you've always had a Windows based laptop, you'd probably prefer to stick with that type. I agree with getting advice from good computer/electronics store. They should ask what you want to use it for, and advise accordingly. But beware of pushy sales people - if they keep trying to "upsell", go somewhere else!
Some of the high spec, expensive ones are for people into gaming- you don't need that.

Farmor15 Fri 26-May-23 09:09:42

I've had an iPad and still prefer laptop with proper keyboard and mouse for e-mails and dealing with photos etc., so appreciate Twirl's preference.

Greyduster Fri 26-May-23 09:26:23

I have a laptop, a Hewlett Packard, which as bought for all the same reasons as yours Twirl, and it’s the third laptop I have owned, but I’m ashamed to say that however much I try, I can’t seem to get on with it and much prefer my iPad. The words “Must Try Harder” spring to mind!

Lovetopaint037 Fri 26-May-23 09:37:09

You can add a keyboard to an iPad and they come in sizes up to 12 x9.

Elusivebutterfly Fri 26-May-23 09:40:09

I have had several HP laptops, they are mid price and do everything you need as an ordinary user - Curry's have a good range.
Apple is popular but very expensive.
I like to have a laptop, not an ipad or tablet, as I like a keyboard. I find it difficult to type/search without a proper keyboard and separate mouse.

Pittcity Fri 26-May-23 09:46:23

I think that desktops and laptops are really aimed at business and gamers nowadays. Tablets are the most popular for domestic use.
All my photos are stored in Google photos and alike so no need for storage memory space.
It really depends on what you are needing to store and edit photos for. Even a cheap tablet or laptop today can run a photo editing app that is sufficient for domestic use.

ayse Fri 26-May-23 09:50:26

I have an HP laptop that works very well and a separate drive for storage as a backup. I use it for my family tree, letters for DH and other stuff I want easy access to. I like having separate storage, just in case.

For use everyday I have the most basic IPad. I’ve had this model since 2017. It wasn’t holding a charge well, so I went to the Apple Store and had a chat. I was able to buy a replacement pad, same model for £100 instead of a new one. It should last now until this model isn’t updated anymore (and longer). Once I was used it, I just love it. It’s so fast. The people in the store are so helpful. For example they set the whole pad up and linked it to my new iPhone, also the cheapest model and helped me sort out one or two problems. They also run in store courses for doing loads of different things with the iPad.

These days I’d probably buy a reconditioned laptop and new Apple stuff, if I needed to. Still, go with whatever you are comfortable with.

NotSpaghetti Fri 26-May-23 09:57:23

I like Dell.
I use Photoshop and have big files so like the ones with lots of RAM.
I can multi-task without it running slower.
Have a look at the ones above the basic level.

NotSpaghetti Fri 26-May-23 09:58:41

I also have an external hard-drive - and Dropbox

jeanie99 Tue 20-Jun-23 22:58:49

I always take a laptop when I travel, the same as you for transferring images and sorting into files. I also always take memory sticks. All the cables I might need even an extension because sockets are never where you want them to be.
I used to take my netbook but the storage was too small.
The laptop I have now I use all the time it's a
15" Del intel Core i7. SSD 1 TB, It's a great machine and so fast.
not sure how much it was as my son bought it for me for Christmas.
It was very hard to get used to but I did it finally crach with the addition of a mouse.

B9exchange Tue 20-Jun-23 23:19:47

I have an HP Envy 360. It has a touchscreen the same as an iPad or Chromebook, but as I am a fast touch typist I can't write at speed on a tablet. It folds back on itself if you want to use it as a tablet, and you can draw artwork with a pen. I do not want my data stored in the Cloud, so have a 2TB external hardrive to keep everything on, including a system image should there be a catastrophic failure. I love it, it is lightweight and goes everywhere with me.