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Malta - have you been there?

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Patsy70 Fri 02-Jun-23 11:44:15

I’ve just come back from a short break in Malta with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. It was our first visit and we really enjoyed it. We particularly liked the capital, Valletta, Sliema, Vittoriosa and Mdina. I’m taking my OH next time. What are your views if you’ve been recently?

GrannyGravy13 Fri 02-Jun-23 12:41:59

DH and I visited six years ago, we were lucky that it was the annual fiesta in Mdina which was marvellous.

Loved the abundance of fresh fish and found the Maltese people to be so friendly.

Wendy46 Fri 02-Jun-23 12:50:34

Loved it. Met my 2nd husband there on a pilgrimage. We've been together 20 years.

Marmin Fri 02-Jun-23 12:55:27

We have been many times. I agree with what has been said. Additionally, a boat trip to Gozo is recommended. Malta is a bustling island but is welcoming and rewards the traveller that is prepared to be a little independent. The Caravaggio in Valetta is a must if you like art, for example.

fancythat Fri 02-Jun-23 13:22:59

The person I know who has been said it was boring.
But I wouldnt let that put anyone off. Each to their own.

Forsythia Fri 02-Jun-23 13:26:03

We went a good few years ago around Easter and we really liked it. Lots of history, good walks around the Valletta area, we would go again.

Primrose53 Fri 02-Jun-23 13:57:15

We went several years ago. We knew it was going to be hot as it was July but we booked last minute. It was absolutely sweltering! We stayed at Salina Bay and our hotel was fine. As the names suggests there were salt pans in that area and they really were quite pungent.
Some of the resorts were a bit grotty though so glad we chose ours.
My husband says he would like to revisit but I am not fussed really. We did a trip to Gozo which was quite nice too but the taxi drivers wait for you where you get off the ferry and pester you to take their taxi and avoid a long walk. He ripped us off too.

Marmin Fri 02-Jun-23 14:00:02

Not my experience at Gozo when arriving. Most people get the very regular and efficient bus service from the harbour. Never been pestered by anyone in Malta.

Marmin Fri 02-Jun-23 14:01:16

Sorry, not wanting to be contrary, just put a different experience.

pandapatch Fri 02-Jun-23 14:06:34

We stayed in Valetta a few years ago and had a wonderful time. We went in October and the weather was lovely, warm and sunny but not too hot.Lots to see wandering around Valetta and good bus service around the island. Would agree that some of the resorts were a bit grotty, much preferred staying in Valetta

Charleygirl5 Fri 02-Jun-23 14:09:36

It is many years since I was there and I loved it- the food was good and the people welcoming. The weather was perfect for us, not too hot.

We travelled by local bus which I enjoyed. I felt safe in that country and never ripped off.

Bellasnana Fri 02-Jun-23 14:30:44

Patsy70 I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to Malta.

I have lived here for 42 years since marrying my lovely Maltese husband (sadly no longer with us 😞) and although I absolutely love living here and consider it home, I do wonder how people who come here on holiday feel about it as we have seen so many changes over the years and, unfortunately, not all for the best.

Overbuilding has ruined the character of much of the island plus too many cars and too many illegal immigrants for such a tiny land mass.

I can’t understand anyone finding it ‘boring’ though as the history here is amazing and we have Neolithic structures which pre-date Stonehenge, amongst other things.

I do believe Malta is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it.😊

Tricoteuse Fri 02-Jun-23 14:44:30

I went there last year, end October and beginning of November. The weather was just right for me, low 70s , no rain or overcast skies.
I would avoid the resorts over the bay from Valletta They seemed horribly busy and overcrowded when we drove through one day. We stayed in Valletta and even there in the centre it was thronged with visitors.
The scenery is not very dramatic as in say, Crete, for example.
All in all it was a pleasant and restful break. The people are friendly and nobody tried to rip us off. Another plus is they speak English and drive on the left!

crazyH Fri 02-Jun-23 14:59:01

Went there a couple of years ago. Loved it ..

Kim19 Fri 02-Jun-23 15:02:38

Worked there for a couple of years and loved it. It's been awhile. You're putting ideas into my head........

MissChateline Fri 02-Jun-23 15:33:36

I spent 3 years in Malta as an air force child. I left in 1962. It was a wonderful place to be a child. Deserted beaches, no tourists and afternoons spent sailing with my dad at the forces club. I’ve never been back but may do in tbs next few years.

Patsy70 Fri 02-Jun-23 15:48:11

Thank you so much for your positive responses. I can’t understand how anyone could find it in the least bit boring, but then I suppose we’ve all got our likes, dislikes and expectations. Sad that your husband is no longer with you Bellasnana, but how lovely that you had 42 years together and regard Malta as your home. We also found the people warm and friendly and we were certainly not ripped off by anyone. My OH is particularly interested in its history and art, so I’m thinking of taking him later in October. Might see you there Kim19 😉.