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Travel to USA after knee replacement

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susytish Fri 09-Jun-23 21:41:25

Has anyone travelled to the States after Total Knee Replacement surgery. Mine was February, still on slow recovery and will need hip replacement in a few months.
How did you deal with the journey?

BlueBelle Fri 09-Jun-23 22:55:54

I wouldn’t
I should think medical insurance for USA would be high

crazyH Fri 09-Jun-23 23:37:01

Co-incidentally, on another group chat, someone who had a TKR , was saying that it was 10 months now since she had the op and she is still healing. So, if I were you, I would not make any travel plans just yet. Sorry for being a damp squid😂

Hetty58 Sat 10-Jun-23 00:04:40

'About a year to recover' I was told. I should think the travel alone would be quite uncomfortable, even with wheelchair assistance. How long would the hip replacement take to heal?

welbeck Sat 10-Jun-23 00:34:30

sounds a bonkers idea to me.

Aveline Sat 10-Jun-23 06:45:23

How long is the flight? If only to East coast that's about 6 hours. I had a longer flight than that at five months after my first TKR. We booked extra leg room seats and airport assistance (excellent). I could walk around in the flight and all went well. Airport assistance on the other side whisked me through passport control etc. That's just the flight though. What will you need to consider while in the states?

Grantanow Sat 10-Jun-23 09:43:58

Given you know a hip replacement is needed it seems doubtful an insurer would include cover for it. I'd stay at home.

Aveline Sat 10-Jun-23 11:12:13

Why would you need insurance for a potential hip replacement? Is she going to live permanently in US? If just holiday she could probably list osteoarthritis and take it from there.