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Saga/Titan Holidays.

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Calendargirl Thu 22-Jun-23 18:38:30

We’ve holidayed with Titan before now, never with Saga.

I know that Titan is now owned by Saga.

Can anyone tell me if there is anything to choose between them? They both seem to offer similar holidays, just under different names.

Do Saga attract an older clientele?

silverlining48 Thu 22-Jun-23 22:30:19

We went to Cuba with Saga pre COVID. It was a very good holiday and one I won’t forget. Mixed ages o the tour mostly over 50. We were older .... smile

BlueSapphire Fri 14-Jul-23 18:05:53

Went to Canada with Titan before Covid, an excellent holiday.
Then booked with Saga a tour to South Africa this March, and they informed me their long-haul tours were now run by Titan. It was brilliant! A good mix of 50+, some were in their eighties, and couples and singles - so as a solo traveller I didn't feel out of place. Very well organised, and well-run, with everything taken care of.

aonk Fri 14-Jul-23 21:09:49

I went on my first holiday with Titan last year. It was excellent in every way. It looks like it might be my last. If they apply the same age restrictions as Saga then I won’t travel with them. On my trip last year most people seemed to be 55 plus but there were a few in their 20s and 30s and I very much enjoyed being with them. I like all age groups, especially those younger than I am. I would never go on an adults only holiday for this reason. Unlike some I love the company of children and babies and have volunteered with this age group whenever possible.

Imarocker Sat 15-Jul-23 07:30:23

We went with Titan last year and almost everyone was over 60. We have found Saga to be inflexible and uncaring. We had booked a river cruise and asked to transfer (not cancel) the booking as my mother was dying but they refused. I have heard similar stories from friends.

NanaDana Sat 15-Jul-23 07:53:10

We've been on a couple of holidays with Saga, going back about 15 years now, both to Greece. Attractive price, good quality hotels, and good food. Some pleasant company too. The only caveat I would mention is that the free alcohol (although limited choice) which is part of the deal can attract the odd "Saga lout". We had several of those on each trip, who remained welded to the bar for the duration. Generally no problem, although one was noisy and disruptive to the point where hotel security had to deal with him. Wouldn't want that to detract from what Saga has to offer though, as we thoroughly enjoyed both holidays.