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Sea view hotels or small boutique hotels

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LynW Sun 23-Jul-23 17:16:39

Does anyone have recommendations for a comfortable/stylish hotel, preferably not too big, close to the sea for B/B and evening meal? South coast, Devon or Cornwall maybe or Sussex, Kent or Norfolk perhaps. There’s just so many to scroll through on the internet and although you can read reviews, it’s a mammoth task narrowing it down! I appreciate it’s difficult to recommend when you won’t know my exact requirements etc but just wondered if there’s somewhere you may heartily recommend for future use. Thank you.

LRavenscroft Sun 23-Jul-23 18:15:23

The Globe in Topsham, nr Exeter. on the River Exe estuary.

Fleurpepper Sun 23-Jul-23 19:18:51

Meudon Hotel, Falmouth, gorgeous gardens, own beach.

Casdon Sun 23-Jul-23 19:24:25

The Carlyon Bay Hotel, near St Austell is lovely, I was there earlier this year.

LynW Sun 23-Jul-23 21:46:51

Thank you all. I’ll take a look.

Kate54 Sun 23-Jul-23 22:09:13

Talland Bay Hotel, Cornwall

Gin Sun 23-Jul-23 22:39:21

The Bay Hotel Coverack Cornwall

Namsnanny Sun 23-Jul-23 23:28:36

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FoghornLeghorn Mon 24-Jul-23 00:54:06

I second Talland Bay.

Imarocker Mon 24-Jul-23 08:33:37

The Brudenell in Aldeburgh is simply wonderful

westendgirl Mon 24-Jul-23 08:38:10

Unnecessary , Nams nanny.

kittylester Mon 24-Jul-23 09:06:35


The Brudenell in Aldeburgh is simply wonderful

Was just going to say the same! Especially Room 100.

LadyGracie Mon 24-Jul-23 09:18:19

Aviary Court, Redruth. Small hotel, food to die for.

aonk Mon 24-Jul-23 11:25:20

You could look at the Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne. It’s not small but very spacious and retains the original features of the building. There are lovely views of the sea and the food is very good indeed. There’s a cooked breakfast served at your table or a continental buffet and the evening meals are varied and of a high standard.

Namsnanny Mon 24-Jul-23 15:33:35


Unnecessary , Nams nanny.


Namsnanny Mon 24-Jul-23 16:01:24


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I cant remember the exact wording, but the meaning behind it was that
1) independent hotels have dropped to 50% of the English market share since roughly 2010.
2) covid has decimated hotel trade
3)Independant pretty off-the-beaten-track family run hotels were suffering the most.
4) the more hotels that are encouraged by the gov to house refugees/migrants/illegal immigrants etc.
The less choice there will be for holiday makers.

So as I said get in quick because this trend isnt going to stop any time soon.

Sorry Lynw

I didnt mean to rain on your parade 🌧
I hope you have a lovely break

LynW Mon 24-Jul-23 17:56:43

Thanks, Nansnanny. We were finding it difficult to find a hotel that would suit us and our dates. Thank you to everyone who’s offered suggestions - appreciated. I will look at them all, might depend on what availability they have.

Katyj Mon 24-Jul-23 18:17:28

I second the Carlyon bay hotel. We were there last year, can’t wait to go back.

Grannyben Mon 24-Jul-23 18:48:52

Gin, I absolutely love Coverack (and all the lovely places near it). I've never seen The Bay Hotel but if it's in Coverack it would be good enough for me.

LynW Wed 06-Sep-23 16:53:28

Thanks, anok. See my private message to you.