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Road trip through Spain any suggestions welcome!

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Sago Wed 09-Aug-23 13:39:06

We will arrive in Santander on 21/8 our stops are;
Villarcayo 1 night.
Avila 3 nights.
Alcazar de San Juan 2 nights.
Carretera Ronda 4 nights.
Benahavis 4 nights
Almagro 1 night.
Segovia 1 night
Hoznayo 1 night
Return ferry.
The hotels are all booked and dates are fixed, I would love to hear any input, restaurants, places to visit, travel tips etc.
Thanks in advance.

Hithere Wed 09-Aug-23 13:42:16

Cooling towels for the heat - they make a huge difference

GrannyGravy13 Wed 09-Aug-23 14:11:49

If you are anywhere near Granada, Al Hambra is absolutely stunning (roughly a four hour drive from Ronda, but that was before the new motorway)

MerylStreep Wed 09-Aug-23 14:19:40

I’m surprised you bypassed Bilbao. Beautiful city, amazing food.

Mamie Wed 09-Aug-23 15:03:22

I love Salamanca, which is not hugely far off your route. Segovia is lovely, but I wouldn't want to miss Toledo.

Sago Wed 09-Aug-23 15:09:41


I love Salamanca, which is not hugely far off your route. Segovia is lovely, but I wouldn't want to miss Toledo.

We just cancelled our Toledo booking in favour of Segovia.
It does look beautiful.

Norah Wed 09-Aug-23 15:10:16

Madrid and day trips from is our favourite, likely too far for you? Do eat a jambon sandwich for me - before we were vegan I could eat my weight in 'Jamón Ibérico de Bellota'. And churros with coffee.

Hetty58 Wed 09-Aug-23 15:15:46

I just loved Seville and had real trouble tearing myself away.

crazyH Wed 09-Aug-23 15:16:05

No input, but just wish I was as young and enthusiastic as you are. Have a lovely time sago

Kate1949 Wed 09-Aug-23 15:23:59

Us too Hetty. Seville is fabulous.

pascal30 Wed 09-Aug-23 16:47:03

LaCarboneria for authentic flamenco in Seville

JackyB Thu 10-Aug-23 21:15:08

I second Bilbao. I've never been but I've heard it's developing into a culturally rich centre. And of course it has a Guggenheim museum.

Toledo, Salamanca, Segovia and Avila definitely not to be missed. I went to those places on coach trips from Madrid when I lived there. Of course we stopped for lunch but (a) it was over 40 years ago and (B) even if the places we had stopped were still there, they would be places to avoid as you don't want to eat where coachloads of tourists are catered for.

I know Andalusia better but the Basque country and Galicia will surely have lots of bodegas too, where you can get a light meal and/or a refreshing drink and sit outside and watch the world go by. I used to love drinking a glass of the light cerveza at lunch time.

Sounds like a brilliant tour.

Hithere Fri 11-Aug-23 14:23:37

San sebastian?

foxie48 Fri 11-Aug-23 14:27:02

We are intending to take a similar trip next spring so please do an update. Have a wonderful time!

annaclerk Sat 12-Aug-23 21:58:42

My trip through Spain started in Málaga, a city in the south of Spain in Andalusia, and it's a great city. I spent a few days there walking around and then rented a car from a good company called Record and went to see other cities more info