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Buying RER tickets on Eurostar to Paris

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FannyD Sun 03-Sep-23 16:42:17

Has anyone done this recently please? I know it used to be possible but would like to be sure. They were available from the bar.
We are travelling soon and are concerned because we have little time to get from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon. Having witnessed the queues at the ticket machines and booths at the station, we would be happy to pay the extra by buying them on Eurostar.

B9exchange Sun 10-Sep-23 22:35:41

The Eurostar website only suggests you need to buy these when you get there I am afraid, looks like the option to buy them before hand is no longer being provided. There does not seem to be an option to buy them online either.

Joseann Mon 11-Sep-23 07:13:21

Oui, c'est possible.

FannyD Mon 11-Sep-23 13:55:29

Thanks so much for your response.
In fact, we WERE able to buy the tickets on the Eurostar train, which was a huge relief as we had such little time to spare. We bought two extra for the return journey- which is in 2 days time - we’re in Nice at the moment.
Apparently, they used to be on sale from a machine at St Pancras - but this was stopped after Brexit.

Joseann Mon 11-Sep-23 15:52:21

Glad you managed to.
By the way, if anyone needs to know, you can also buy Oyster cards on Eurostar.
I hope Nice is sunny. Brittany is cooling down, and rain is expected from here on.

DrWatson Wed 25-Oct-23 19:59:08

I'm very late to this thread, BUT --- for ALL things re trains, especially Europe but even worldwide now, DO SEE the wonderful Man in Seat61 website.

Masses of great advice, suggested routes, ticketing, even handy hotels and cafes. Oh, and loads of pics and films.

His latest piece was re the new Nightjet trains (sleepers) which have increased those routes across Europe.

This page refers to crossing Paris, and includes tips re various tickets!

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Oct-23 20:34:42

It’s a great site DrWatson my first port of call for train journey’s.

FannyD Wed 25-Oct-23 21:05:56

Thanks for that, DrWatson. I’ve noted it for next time !