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Weekend away for a large family

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Betty65 Sat 30-Sep-23 15:14:07

It’s my 70th birthday next year and I am trying to find a weekend away for our large family. We are 14 adults and 10 kids (between the ages of 6 and 17).
We live in Bristol and some of the family live in Birmingham and Wilmslow so am looking for something a little north of Bristol.
Cost is obviously an issue for the young families. So far I have looked at Centerparcs but it’s pretty pricey and we only want 2 nights.
I’m not finding that Airbnb accommodate that many people.
Any suggestions gratefully received

B9exchange Sat 30-Sep-23 15:20:04

I have never booked for quite that number, but have you tried

Callistemon21 Sat 30-Sep-23 15:37:56®ion=&location=&location_long=&locationdist=10&adult=14&teenager=10&child=0&infant=0&num_sleeps=24&num_pets=-1&startlabel=&start=&periodStart=&periodEnd=&duration=2&fuzziness=3&sort=&show=&page=&cardstyle=&pets=&referrer=landing&search_preferences_enabled=0

Herefordshire, N. Somerset, the Cotswolds might be good areas to search.

Imarocker Sat 30-Sep-23 17:18:07

Premier cottages have lots of cottages to rent that hold large numbers across several adjacent properties.

fancythat Sat 30-Sep-23 17:27:57

Log cabins in Cheshire. Type thing?

Patsy70 Sat 30-Sep-23 17:30:20

We celebrated our joint 70th birthdays in Fordingbridge, in the New Forest, renting two large cottages in the same grounds. It wasn’t cheap, but we wanted to celebrate with all our close family. On the first night, each family contributed to the meal by bringing a home cooked lasagne, cottage pie, casserole etc. with vegetables, salads, bread, cheese & biscuits and various desserts. It was great. On the Saturday, we booked caterers who came and cooked on site. It was a huge success, informal and fun. On the Sunday we went to the local pub. A very memorable occasion for us all - dogs came too! Enjoy your special birthday, Betty65. 💐