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I want to move my

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Ducatti Tue 14-Nov-23 10:47:19

I want to move my car from state to state, but it's far and long to drive it myself, can you tell me if there is a good and not expensive way to move it so that it would be reliable!

Aldom Tue 14-Nov-23 10:49:43

I hope some of the AMERICAN grans see this as I'm guessing you are in the USA. Fingers crossed for some good advice.

SueDonim Tue 14-Nov-23 11:22:29

A family did this. Their car was loaded onto a truck in California and taken to their new home in the Midwest.

SueDonim Tue 14-Nov-23 11:22:50

Family member that should say!

JackyB Tue 14-Nov-23 11:50:05

My son moved from the US back to Germany. They sold or jettisoned all their furniture, chucked loads into the car and put the rest in suitcases. He had worked out that it would cost about $1000 to ship the car from the West coast US to Hamburg - no dearer than getting a container for all their stuff. Even with the cost of administration, it still worked out cheaper than selling the car and buying a new one in Germany.

However, that won't help the OP. Just go to a price comparing website and/or ask at your garage. Also advertise locally to see if someone wants to go to the area you are moving to and could drive the car there for you, killing two birds with one stone.

fancythat Tue 14-Nov-23 12:14:31

Pay a friend to do it?

Llamedos13 Tue 14-Nov-23 12:35:03

If it’s any help my daughter had her car transported by train from Vancouver British Columbia to Toronto Ontario.Cant remember the cost but it was efficient and quite fast.