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Has anyone cancelled a holiday?

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travelsafar Wed 15-Nov-23 12:14:20

I am experiencing a lot of pain in my hip and down the front of my thigh which is impacting my mobility. I am due to go on a coach trip for 4 nights on Monday and am really worried how I will cope. Should I bite the bullet and ca ncel, if yes what is the procedure?

MerylStreep Wed 15-Nov-23 12:19:46

I cancelled 2 holidays this year. You just contact the company/ person who you booked through. Although, you might have left it a bit late to get a refund.

Fleurpepper Wed 15-Nov-23 12:26:30

Depends so much on your contract aka Terms and Conditions, and your Holiday Insurance, as it is such short notice. Can you sell the holiday for half price to family or friends?

Hope you feel better soon- but you may lose part or all of your money.

Fleurpepper Wed 15-Nov-23 12:29:16

Best thing to do is ring the company, explain and ask for advice.

Cold Wed 15-Nov-23 12:39:22

Contact your holiday insurance. They will probably require a certificate from your doctor

Cabbie21 Wed 15-Nov-23 12:43:12

I cancelled a short break because there was a heatwave and I could not have coped. I had free cancellation and was within the time limit so a full refund was paid. Check your T & C

PinkCosmos Wed 15-Nov-23 12:44:52

You will need to contact the holiday company, they all have different terms and conditions.

I doubt you would get a refund from them at this late date.

They may let you rebook the holiday for another date. If they don't offer that, ask them if it is possible.

You need to speak to them directly.

Also, as others have suggested, contact your holiday insurance company

Nannarose Wed 15-Nov-23 13:30:01

Yes, I had to do this when one my hips collapsed spectacularly whilst out walking, 4 days before departure.

As others have said, the exact procedure depends on the Ts&Cs of your holiday booking, and your insurance.

Mine were separate, so I cancelled the holiday, and they sent the relevant paperwork. I did have the option of re-booking, but was so uncertain that I cancelled completely.

I contacted the GP (as I needed advice) and an Xray was arranged immediately. The GP sent me a copy of the report and charged an administratve fee.
I then filled in my insurance claim. Ts&Cs vary - in my case I was liable for an excess of ยฃ30 + the GP's fee.
The other money was refunded within the week. The company was Insure & Go - the only time I have claimed and they were excellent & sympathetic.

I hope you find it as straightforward. I also hope you can get treatment and whatever it is clears up.

silverlining48 Wed 15-Nov-23 13:46:44

How upsetting and disappointing travels. Hope you can sort something out.

Marydoll Wed 15-Nov-23 14:06:21

I have cancelled on a number of occasions, because my GP said I wasn't fit to travel. I claimed on my holiday insurance, but did need a letter from my GP, which I had to pay for.
The last time the ins co. then cancelled my annual insurance, saying I had too many conditions. ๐Ÿ˜ก

aggie Wed 15-Nov-23 14:41:51

I had a great holiday coach trip earlier this year, I have poor mobility and use a Walker , it was due to the kindness of the driver and other passengers that I had an enjoyable time

Redhead56 Wed 15-Nov-23 16:37:39

I had a hip replacement years ago so I know the pain you are having. I went on a coach trip last year I need a knee replacement my legs and feet blew up like balloons.
I liked the idea of a coach trip but did not anticipate such swollen painful legs and feet.
I recommend you get in touch with the company and discuss your booking as soon as possible.

travelsafar Sat 25-Nov-23 22:47:19

I decided to risk going away and decided I would forgo the planned excursions. But in the end using my wheeled walker i was able to go out with the other people. I just didn't go to far from where we would be picked up. Thankfully the weather was kind to us, chilly but sunny. I enjoyed the coast line and sitting watching the waves crashing onto rocks. Another day I was able to visit a small art gallery then sat by the river watching the boats and people.
It was lovely to have my meals cooked for me and enjoyed the evening entertainment each night. Yes I was in pain but throughly enjoyed my little break. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Romola Sat 25-Nov-23 22:50:55

I once had to cancel a holiday ๐Ÿ˜’ because of sickness. The doc wrote a note very quickly when I vomited into his waste bin and the insurance paid up promptly too.

LOUISA1523 Sat 25-Nov-23 22:51:20

I'm glad you got your holiday OP and that the weather was kind to you

Callistemon21 Sat 25-Nov-23 23:01:40

I'm glad you went and enjoyed yourself, travelsafar
Sometimes the reality is not as bad as we fear it might be.

Aldom Sat 25-Nov-23 23:14:11

Travelsafar it's lovely to hear that you were able to enjoy your holiday.
I hope the break from routine has been beneficial. As you say, it's always good to have meals cooked isn't it.
Seems you were quite lucky with the weather too. All the very best. You deserve it. smile

Cabbie21 Sun 26-Nov-23 08:15:01

Glad it worked out for you.

Primrose53 Sun 26-Nov-23 09:47:38

You did right to give it a go! Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Fleurpepper Sun 26-Nov-23 10:02:21

Travelsafar, good for you. Wonderful to hear.