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crissy Sun 27-Mar-22 18:06:06

Do any gransnetters go solo camping in a tent? I don't mean wild camping, but on well attended sites such as the Caravan & Camping Club Sites. I used to camp in my younger days, progressed to folding caravans, touring caravans, motorhomes as the years progressed and children came along. I now really crave going back to tenting while I am still fit and healthy. Hubby not interested. I fancy an air tent and electric hook up.

Missedout Sun 27-Mar-22 19:19:48

DH and I sometimes camp - we really enjoy it and I can understand why you would want to go solo. However, I see you favour an air tent but a word of warning - they are heavy (I don't think they come in smaller sizes). We have two air tents, I can't lift the bigger one on my own and the smaller (4 person) is no lightweight either. There are some clever, simpler small tents that you can put up quickly though, I'd look at those if I were you. I hope you manage to get away.

crissy Sun 27-Mar-22 21:38:20

Thank you Missedout. Weight has been a big consideration. The one I like is 15.5 kg which I think is manageable. I'm going to a tent exhibition on Sunday, so I will have a good look around at others fir comparison.

lixy Sun 27-Mar-22 21:50:12

I solo-camp sometimes on long distance cycle rides. Pick your sites carefully as not all CCC sites allow tents.

I did a couple of practise nights in the back garden so I was confident that I could manage the tent and that I had what I needed - I tend to travel as light as I can!
I always book ahead and try to pick some where near a pub so there is somewhere to eat/be warm in the evenings. And, of course, make sure someone knows your itinerary and set up a regular check-in schedule.
It's fun - good luck!

Missedout Mon 28-Mar-22 10:10:11

As you are looking at air tents, I have made the assumption that you do not want a tiny lightweight tent. Before we bought our larger family tents we had a Khyam Igloo tent. It was so simple to put up, no long pole threading needed, just lift the centre, click the legs into place and peg it down. Might be worth a look.

lixy's advice about safety precautions is very sensible.

Anrol Mon 28-Mar-22 10:19:20

Some CCC campsites have a Ready Camp (tent all put up ready for you) on site for hire. We use our Campervan a lot and have seen a few lone campers on our travels.

junie1 Tue 19-Apr-22 14:16:38

Hi Chrissy
We just bought a tent, collecting it tomorrow.
Go for it, and have fantastic adventures.

Caleo Tue 19-Apr-22 14:21:25

After I gor divorced I went solo wildish camping up the Highlands with my dogs partly to prove something to myself.

junie1 Tue 19-Apr-22 17:06:13

Hi Caleo

Bet you had a great time.


crissy Sat 30-Apr-22 22:18:09

Thanks for all your comments. I have my air tent. Although a 4/5 man, I can easily manage it myself and sleep comfortably on thick smart foam. Am off to Derbyshire soon with a group of lady campers and walkers, so my first camp will not be completely alone.

jeanie99 Wed 04-May-22 00:49:32

There are companies (tend to be abroad) who provide tents and equipment including someone to cook for you.
We did this type of trip some years ago, everything is included. We traveled in a lorry type vehicle to the national parks and reserves in Africa.
What I wanted to say also was that we were the only couple on the trip all the rest were traveling on there own. One lady was in her 70s. Our whole group got on famously and we had the most amazing time. A trip we look back on with fond memories of the people we met.

crissy Tue 17-May-22 22:32:16

I went on my first solo camp and met up with a group of like minded lady campers. It was a great experience and had a great weekend, with a walk in the Peak District on Saturday. I'm looking forward to another solo adventure.