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Shandy57 Wed 06-Jul-22 14:32:24

Hello, has anyone been on the solo tours? I'm looking at India and NZ.

crazyH Wed 06-Jul-22 14:38:13

Brave lady 👏- my sister travelled the world on her own, but I’m not so adventurous.

crazyH Wed 06-Jul-22 14:42:23

Meant to say, go for it - I dont know about NZ, but you will love India especially the cultural aspect and if you want to relax, after the hectic North, go down to Kerala , Gods own country. ..All the best !😎

Shinamae Wed 06-Jul-22 14:47:18

I’m on a bus tour to north Wales and the bloody coach has broken down!!Got to wait at least 45 minutes for a local bus to ferry us to hotel….(single traveller)….🙄🤦‍♀️

silverlining48 Wed 06-Jul-22 15:24:12

India is good if you like curry (breakfast lunch and dinner !) If so Kerala is an interesting and attractive place to visit, one of the wealthier areas of India.
We were on a group tour, too much time spent on a coach but tours are a friendly way to travel. Be aware you wont be allowed inside any temples in Kerala. Even a UK Hindu couple travelling with us were not allowed. The only religious building we went in was a Catholic Church,

silverlining48 Wed 06-Jul-22 15:25:05

Hope your replacement bus has delivered you to the hotel Shinamae. Have a good time.

Shandy57 Wed 06-Jul-22 15:58:11

So sorry Shinamae! Hope you are safely at the hotel by now.

I've already been to the north of India, the food was amazing. I'm sorry we can't have it in Indian restaurants here in the UK, the nearest I've found was thirty years ago in Queensway. Can't remember the name of the restaurant, it was near Whiteleys. Going to have to google it!

Looks like I'll be the first to try the solo tours, I'll report back.

silverlining48 Wed 06-Jul-22 16:04:31

We really enjoyed a tour of Cuba with Saga about 5 years ago. Loved Cuba wonderful atmosphere.
There were couples and a number of single people too, but everyone mixed and it was a friendly group. Can recommend.

Shandy57 Wed 06-Jul-22 16:23:41

Finally found it, Khans! It's Westbourne Grove, not Queensway.

Humbertbear Wed 06-Jul-22 20:28:37

Riviera tours are well organised and they have a support office in whatever country you visit with them. In particular I would recommend Vietnam/Cambodia. Ive also done two India tours - the Golden Triangle and Chennai to Cochin (Kerala). You will find your fellow passengers very friendly and, should you fell lonely, the tour managers are always very supportive. Have a great time!

Shandy57 Wed 06-Jul-22 20:40:54

Thanks Humbertbear. I have so many phobias now - heights, steep steps without handrails, water, the gap at the train platform - I am a bit worried about touring alone.

I've just been looking at the Japan tour, and they go on the bullet train. The gap is huge on the bullet train! I couldn't get off Eurostar unaided because of the height/curve, if I'd been on my own then I would have had to go back to Paris!

Shinamae Wed 06-Jul-22 20:55:01

Thank you both, I am now at the hotel have eaten a nice dinner and I’m now,after a shower watching some TV. I don’t drink so it’s an early night for me as I don’t really fancy the entertainment downstairs

Shandy57 Wed 06-Jul-22 21:01:26

Are you watching the football? Lucy Bronze is my daughter's former teacher's daughter. She heard a lot about her when she was at school!

Shandy57 Thu 07-Jul-22 23:38:33

What a nuisance - India have stopped the evisa, paper only through application form and appointment sad