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TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) ............

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jogginggirl Wed 09-Nov-11 22:34:07

Am I alone in never having watched this programme.......?

Carol Wed 09-Nov-11 22:38:00

No, me neither, nor have I any interest in ever watching it.

Notsogrand Wed 09-Nov-11 22:38:17

I saw about 20 minutes of it several weeks ago at someone else's house. Beyond awful I'm afraid. shock

glassortwo Wed 09-Nov-11 22:40:39

No I have never seen it and no intention of watching it.

jingle Wed 09-Nov-11 22:43:15

This could be an interesting thread then. hmm

jogginggirl Wed 09-Nov-11 22:45:52

jingle grin

Ariadne Thu 10-Nov-11 09:08:24

I too had a look, but it only took five minutes to decide it wasn't for me!

glammanana Thu 10-Nov-11 09:13:21

I have watched bits of it and was wondering just how these people earn a living they can't all be living off their parents surely ?

susiecb Thu 10-Nov-11 09:27:25

Me neither never seen it dont think I want to. I lived in Essex for over nearly fifty years and its always been a country of two parts. North Essex borders on Suffolk and is very nice , some good open countryside nice towns although very built up, the University, heritage buildings like Colchester Castle and then there is South Essex - capitals Basildon and Southend! I schooled, trained and worked mainly in N Essex but spent the last seven years working in the South. I now only go there to see my MIL monthly Colchester beacuse I have too my sister who also lives there usually comes to me. Its a congested place full of traffic jams and almost London property prices. The coast is polluted and expensive. London has sprawled out and encompassed Essex. I dont think this TV programme is for me.

em Thu 10-Nov-11 10:11:57

I'm another who has never watched the programme and don't want to. I admit I haven't judged it fairly - simply formed an impression from various articles or interviews.It just seems that the whole thing revolves around a group of mindless and materialistic young people with very distorted values.

Mishap Thu 10-Nov-11 11:41:40

A large chunk of my childhood was spent in Essex and my OH delights in referring to me as an Essex girl - I remember the fun of biking to the cocklesheds - it's not all bad!