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Deep Water

56 Willow500

The Secret Teacher

21 Eloethan

Archers Addicts.

511 merlotgran

The Repair Shop

13 SirChenjin

People Like Pus: Zit ER

4 MiniMoon

Who do You think You are?

122 ninathenana

paying for entertainment

24 craftyone


130 SueDonim

The Chef's Brigade BBC2 Tuesday at 9.00

13 merlotgran

Death of Mountbatten Documentary.

3 MawB

Did anyone else just shout hooray? Serengetti BBC1 now.

25 Labaik

Strictly Come Dancing 2019

44 Sara65

Proms - the BBC variety!

24 Grandma70s

Binge watching

27 NanKate

Me Before You (film version)

1 gulligranny

Damn volume!


Keeping Faith - new series

40 Lisagran

Kathy Burke 'All Woman'

16 KatyK

Peaky Blinders

3 tanith

Channel 5 · Follow Portillo: The Trouble With The Tories | Thursday at 10pm | Channel 5

3 Jane43

No warning of programme change BBC1

28 Calendargirl

Beatles song

8 LullyDully

Splutter spit...haha

98 Jabberwok

The Repair Shop

20 GrannyLiv

Aussie Masterchef

4 Faye

Long Lost Family

19 Jane43

Sorry, Nadiya but I watched your new series in disbelief!

78 merlotgran

I am Kirsty

20 TwiceAsNice

The Last Czars on Nextflix

11 Jane43

The Great Hack


Barrington Pheloung

13 gransal

Best cable replacement online service?

2 ninathenana

Long Lost Family

35 SirChenjin

Killing Eve

76 TerriBull


80 seacliff


52 Fennel

'the flapper'

3 chelseababy

Years and Years

50 NotSpaghetti

New sc-fi TV series

2 MotherHubbard

Boris's Mum!

27 jura2

The Lion King

8 KatyK

BBC IPlayer

5 MiniMoon

Eric Clapton at the BBC

12 Teetime

The Proms........

7 Luckygirl


56 Pantglas1

The Great Hack

1 Whitewavemark2


12 Resurgam123

Sykes has died

11 sodapop

British Open betting odds

2 brokernols

The Streets of London

2 henetha