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New episodes of Virgin River

15 silverlining48

2nd Strictly Come Dancing 2023 thread

304 Joseann

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2023

404 henetha

Shetland - new series

98 Callistemon21

Classic Coronation Street

4 Doodledog


14 Kim19

Panorama: My Teacher the Abuser

13 paddyann54

TV recommendations for blind (not as mad as it seems!)

9 OldFrill

New New Corrie thread

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Scotch on the Rocks

1 grannydarkhair

Anyone ever watched Episodes?

8 BigBertha1

Time Series 2

16 MerylStreep

Anyone up for watching the worlds most hated man in the jungle?😂

208 Namsnanny

Joan Collins and Louis Theroux interview

189 RosiesMaw

Boat Story

91 MayBee70


8 Greenfinch

Channel 4 ‘carbon skidmarks’

40 Charliedogs

Netflix Bodies

7 Desdemona

Pan’s Labyrinth on catchup

3 Clawdy

Two Doors Down new series.

14 Namsnanny

Anyone watch the first part of The Great Climate Fight on Channel 4?

6 Callistemon21

Documentary on Tasmania and the genocide of the aborigines Channel 4

69 Germanshepherdsmum

The Chaperone on Amazon Prime

7 Sparklefizz

The Archers

257 eGJ


13 annodomini

Three Little Birds

64 Primrose53

Film called The Miracle Club

5 Oldbat1

The Crown

39 Sparklefizz

Mad Men.

7 Calendargirl


14 NotSpaghetti

Return to Lockerbie with Lorraine Kelly

2 Callistemon21

The Ex-Wife on channel 5

19 pascal30

Manifest- Netflix

6 NotSpaghetti

Nyad - Netflix film

3 MerylStreep

Signora Volpe

6 Deedaa

Strictly Come Dancing 2023

1000 rafichagran

Payback ITV

8 LucyAnna

Andre Rieu Christmas 2023

24 henetha

Sky Arts: programmes about actors and directors.

10 MrsKen33

Netflix- Anatomy of a Scandal

11 mamaa

New Corrie Thread

1000 Doodledog

Ghosts - the final series

18 MayBee70

The Beatles release a new track!

72 CanadianGran

Anyone reminiscing with the Beatles?

7 Chestnut

Feargal Sharkey on HIGNFY

9 MayBee70


16 NanKate

Portrait artist of the year..

21 Esmay

Annoying TV adverts

46 Louella12

Dangerous Dogs. What's the truth. itv 8.30 tonight

5 rosie1959

GRAND DESIGNS - Hackney Heath - The Red House

13 Sparklefizz