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Cliff on piers Morgan's Life Stories

2 Greenfinch

What are you watching tonight?

269 seacliff

How are we going to cope without The Archers?

116 Kate54

The Queen's Gambit

5 Sparklefizz

Strictly Come Dancing

231 Millie22

I’d like to see that again

74 Jane43


12 MayBee70


19 Whitewavemark2


30 Spangler

Critical Care

2 BlueBelle

Misheard Lyrics - Which are better?

45 JackyB

Secret Garden

1 grannyrebel7

The Twelve - Belgian Drama - Walter Presents

13 kircubbin2000

Can't remember name of film. Help?!

13 henetha

Secret Scotland with Susan Calman

20 Floradora9

Kate Humble on her farm ch 5

7 Davidhs


44 trisher

New drama Life

28 honeyrose

The Indian Doctor

19 NanKate

RIP Spencer Davis

6 Shirleyw

BBC to make drama about Jimmy Savile's life:

43 Jaberwok

Netflix - Offspring Australian comedy/drama

15 GrandmasueUK

Woman's Hour - farewell Jenni Murray

15 NotSpaghetti

Rock stars of the past

7 PamelaJ1

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 - Netflix

10 Doodledog

Inconsistent subtitles across TV channels

3 Oopsadaisy4

Adult Material

5 Sophiasnana

Gogglebox, you couldn't make it up!😕

67 Jane10


2 BBbevan

Abigail's Party on BBC4

31 harrigran

The new version of David Copperfield

16 Pittcity

Greatest show man on tonight

26 honeyrose

The Trump Show.

11 Jane43

Justin Leigh Spotlight

6 henetha

Miscarriage program Chanel 5

4 Galaxy

John Bishop and the Great Whale Rescue

18 grannyactivist

West Indian suport in WW2

6 Namsnanny

All Creatures Great & Small

105 Begentleimnewhere

Us - New Sunday night BBC 1 drama.

89 NfkDumpling

Enslaved on BBC2

3 Namsnanny

This Is Us - Amazon Prime

32 Jane43

Modern Love - Amazon Prime

1 Jane43

TV Narrations.

2 Jane43

Agatha and the midnight murders

22 Grandmabatty

Dark - German TV series. Anyone watched?

26 Witzend

Mystery Road 2 and Saga Noren

7 suziewoozie

Bake Off

19 henetha

My Octopus Teacher - Netflix

21 NotSpaghetti

Honour on ITV

58 3nanny6

Is Netflix worth paying for?

103 19Maria61