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Coronation Street- continued.

394 Calendargirl

Ben Fogle...New life in the country

3 paddyann54

House Of Gucci

12 bevisp1

The Undeclared War

10 Ilovecheese

The Hour - Prime

8 Sparklefizz

New: Inspector Montalbano

26 MrsKen33

Oranges are not the only fruit- on i-player

3 grannydarkhair

Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

70 Mapleleaf

The Way We Live Now, on London Live (and I dare say elsewhere)

2 hollysteers

Acorn TV

3 Edward47

Car hire in USA

19 Pittcity

Murder in the Alps

29 Glorianny


138 Doodledog

For Classic FM lovers WOW!!

10 nadateturbe

Mcdonald and Dodds

21 annsixty

Dancing from the Art Deco Age

3 Zoejory

Glastonbury on bbc2

354 Kate1949

Prehistoric Planet with David Attenborough

9 Deedaa

Eagles on Sky Arts for me.

19 Jane43


1 Bea65

Elvis by Baz Luhrman

24 Chestnut


32 Grayling

The Queen and The Russian Spy

2 Calendargirl

What music are you listening to now?

218 Fennel

Sewing b

32 Sparklefizz

Today’s Pointless.

4 Pantglas2

Our Falklands i player

10 Callistemon21

Long Lost Family itv 9PM

4 mokryna

R4 You and Yours

2 chelseababy

Classic FM and Scala

10 Floradora9

Midwich Cuckoos🤰

28 tanith

Happy Birthday Sir Paul 🥳 🎸🎶

64 Chestnut

The Savoy

19 ayse

The Duke

8 Shandy57

Who do you think you are...Richard Osman

38 CaravanSerai

The Lazarus Project - Sky - Recommendation

3 Kateykrunch

U.K. has been approached by EBU to host Eurovision

18 henetha

Prime Suspect BBC IPlayer

6 Shirleyw

The Archers

197 Kate54

Did anyone hear the brilliant Janey?

55 Esspee

Extraordinary Portraits anyone else watching?

8 midgey

long lost family itv 9-10

4 Grammaretto

Enjoyable Rubbish! 📺

84 MissAdventure

Something good to watch.....

26 MayBee70

No tv licence here - anyone else?

4 CaravanSerai


10 RichmondPark

My Name is Leon

19 mokryna

Tales of the Unexpected Sky Arts

20 Callistemon21

Borgen Series 4 Power and Glory Netflix

15 CaravanSerai

The Plank

14 lovebeigecardigan...