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supernana Sun 01-Jan-12 13:38:22

THANK YOU Morecombe and Wise [not forgetting 'Andrew Preview'] and THANK YOU Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbet and Tommy Cooper for hours of true comedy. No matter how often I watch their brilliant performances, they never fail to make me laugh heartily. It seems to me, that even though they are no longer alive, the gift that they continue to share with the public, puts many of today's so-called comedians to shame.

Annika Sun 01-Jan-12 14:09:52

And the Christmas `Good Life` was on thanks for that also grin

susiecb Sun 01-Jan-12 15:45:57

Oh I agree there was not very much to laugh at but we also enjoyed old Dads Army shows although I will say Michael Mackintyre does make me laugh and his xmas show was very good apart from Kylie aka The Singing Canary.

kittylester Mon 02-Jan-12 11:38:00

Ooh, I'd forgotten Kylie was on Michael Mackintyre, she must have been good. Loved the "Fairytale of New York" bit and Smithy and Miranda. smile

kittylester Mon 02-Jan-12 11:39:07

Sorry, that should be Michael McIntyre!

Annika Mon 02-Jan-12 16:12:02

I missed the bit with Smithy and Miranda because DH set the timer wrong when recording Michael McIntyre angry .
It got as far as Smithy coming on stage and then stopped. Did I miss much