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bettyboo22 Tue 01-May-12 18:57:20

does anybody else watch the sky arts 1 and 2 when andre is on most sats me and my husband think hes fantastic ive never really liked classical music till watching him play violin , Oh how that changed now his music is beautiful that s the only thing i can say fun , sad , sometimes . the audience is included in what he does as well .Any thoughts on him !!!

johanna Tue 01-May-12 19:11:21

Andre Rieu is the ultimate showman. But certainly no dumb cluck.
He had a classical music education, and his father was conductor of a Dutch
Symphony Orchestra.
I think he is great.

Soupy Tue 01-May-12 19:13:03

My inlaws in Australia rave about him but I'd never heard of him until last year!

goldengirl Tue 01-May-12 20:39:30

I think he's just wonderful. His programme is so varied and entertaining - something for everyone from the oldest down to the youngest. Excellent. I'd love to see him live but the tickets are a phenomenal price and I suppose you do get an excellent view from watching him on television but without the atmosphere though perhaps we Brits are a bit tight knickered and might not dance in the aisles like the Germans and Dutch - and South Africans.

lillian Thu 17-Jan-13 17:28:54

i think Andre Rieu is wonderful not only to listen to but so much fun to watch. what a clever way to bring people into classical music who otherwise woudln't understand or enjoy it so watch his concerts lifts you out of all your problems for an hour, every time i watch i always feel so much happier, than i was to start with.majical is how i would describe his concerts. Lillian

absent Thu 17-Jan-13 17:37:09

Lots of fun. You don't have to be po-faced to enjoy classical music played well.

goldengirl I don't think we Brits are allowed to dance in the aisles.

Ariadne Thu 17-Jan-13 17:37:35

I shall look for this, lillian. Thank you for sharing!

numberplease Fri 18-Jan-13 00:12:54

I`ve just bought van Andre Rieu DVD out with one of my Christmas vouchers, I love him!

Granny23 Fri 18-Jan-13 00:44:38

We may not be encouraged to dance in the aisles but here in our wee cottage DH and I have been known to polka and waltz across the living room and up and down the hall. Number Dh got 2 Andre Rieu DVDs for Christmas luckily they were different ones grin

numberplease Fri 18-Jan-13 12:35:13

The one I bought was Home for Christmas.