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Talent Shows like X Factor

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Grandola Sun 28-Oct-12 22:28:15

What do people think of these shows? Do you think they provide platforms of opportunity for talented performers or do they exploit the 'wannabe famous' culture that seems to be developing in our society? I'm really torn. I quite like watching X Factor acts, but have something of a sense of guilt about it. I don't feel entirely comfortable. I also think the production teams ruin the chances of some of the young people buy forcing a certain 'image' on them. I've just watched tonight and can't believe that a lovely young woman with a beautiful voice was sent home instead of 4 young men who can only just hold a tune. Mmmmm, now I sound like I'm getting into it. ....

crimson Sun 28-Oct-12 22:39:57

They're ritual humiliation imo. Don't watch them for that reason, but have to admit to seeing the last few minutes of the one you mention Grandola blush. They seem to make the news just as much for who is on the panel, being kicked off the panel, likes or doesn't like other people on the panel etc etc.

tanith Sun 28-Oct-12 22:59:43

I don't watch them , can't stand the way some of them are so humiliated and wonder why you would put yourself in that position. Every week there is another story about the celebrity panel and the nastiness supposedly between them... and then another scandel about one of the contestants . I'm just not that interested in all the rubbish that goes on .

whenim64 Mon 29-Oct-12 13:46:19

I like the X-Factor in the audition stages, but not now when they persist in making the contestants look ridiculous and feuds are fabricated about nothing at all, in order to boost ratings. Pathetic!

Mishap Mon 29-Oct-12 14:02:51

Ritual humiliation indeed - I have caught glimpses at DD's house - never watch this stuff.

Sad thing is that this competitive imperative spreads to other programmes. Programmes that could just be informative and/or entertaining have to impose ridiculous deadlines ( xx has just one hour to complete this task!!!) and a competitive element.

Grandola Mon 29-Oct-12 18:23:11

Good to hear people's opinions. I agree mostly - certainly about the humiliation if some of the contestants. However, is there no place at all for talent shows these days? How else would some of these youngsters with no money or contacts get themselves noticed?

I recall that Victoria Wood and Pam Ayres came up through the talent show ranks. So is it the type of talent show we dislike rather than ALL talent shows? Am also thinking that "The Voice" didn't really do that we'll - apparently ratings were very low once the auditions were over....

Mishap Mon 29-Oct-12 20:01:01

No problem with talent shows per se if ehy are pleasant entertainment and the contestants are dealt with sensitively. It's the ritual humiliation that is unacceptable - and from what I gather, it looks as though some participants are chosen for their uselessness so that the panel can be rude to them.

Barrow Tue 30-Oct-12 08:35:41

I think shows like Opportunity Knocks are a million miles away from the "talent shows" of today.

I dislike the current crop of "reality" shows and never watch them - but I can't get away from them. As tanith said there is always some squabble of some sort in the newspapers and our local radio station goes on and on about Strictly every Monday angry

Deedaa Tue 30-Oct-12 20:53:51

The worst thing is that it's all so manufactured. I suppose I'm still stuck in the late 60's when the prog rock bands were pushing boundaries and trying to create new musical forms. Can't imagine them getting very far on the X Factor! All they seem to want is endless rehashes of existing artists. (I'm not saying prog rock was necessarily any good - but at least they were trying something new)
Must stick up for strictly though. Haven't done any ballroom dancing since I met my husband 43 years ago but it is fun to watch it. I notice that Craig seems to be slightly nicer to contestants since he was one himself on Maestro'

dahlia Sat 03-Nov-12 16:07:07

My daughter and her two teenage daughters won't miss "X Factor", and the latest thing is going on-line on Twitter while watching the programme, so she can read the comments of those other people watching, including some witticisms from Caitlin Moran and others. She says it is like having another hundred people in the room with you - I was lost for words, so for once didn't say anything! Like many of you, on the rare occasions when we have to sit through it when staying with dd, it seemed like an open invitation to be humiliated.