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Escape To The Continent

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rosesarered Tue 08-Apr-14 20:52:50

I see that they have taken the old tried and trusted horse [Escape To The Country] and are now flogging the poor beast to death with........tah-dah! Escape To The Continent.

shysal Tue 08-Apr-14 21:29:45

They have tried to make it different by having the househunters stay the night in a property. Apart from that - identical (yawn).

rosequartz Tue 08-Apr-14 21:33:07

Escape anywhere from all these programmes

merlotgran Tue 08-Apr-14 22:17:03

I've been watching it because I don't like The One Show. I loved the French houses but I didn't like any of the Austrian ones. I had to chuckle over Alistair's gleeful announcement that Austrians and Germans don't like open plan kitchen diners because of the smell. He must have been thinking of all the properties in UK that have been torn apart for the sake of a must-have 'heart of the home' only to have the couple turn up their noses because it's......not big enough!

rosesarered Wed 09-Apr-14 14:28:04

grin agree merlot I thought the very same thing, and I hate open plan anyway.That was a very strange Austrian house [yellow one] and just a wee bit sinister!

MargaretX Wed 09-Apr-14 16:34:46

I only saw the one in France, and thought the couple were not looking for the houses they were shown. Where these people have got that amount of money from is their secret but they were so ordinary and what would they do stuck out there in SW France on a rainy winter's day. Their idea according to my judgement would be a very small house in France and keep the house in Sheffield. May be that is what they did. these enormous houses with x amount of sheds and other buildings and large amounts of land. Where are they going to get the help to look after these houses or run a B&B.
He said he had always wanted to live in France but had not taken any language courses in the meantime.
As to Germans not liking 'heart of the house' kitchens, I agree as I live in a German house myself. Germans like to sit at table not far from the kitchen but as kitchens always face North due to the hot summers, they are good to cook in probably more food is cooked there than in those open plan places on 'Escape to the Continent

HildaW Wed 09-Apr-14 17:02:33

I can truly never understand people who have highly Romantic ideas of moving anywhere, let alone another country without having a clear idea of what to expect and having done a lot of preparation. Not knowing the language and legal system is just bizarre.

We have a friend who moved to the Charente region and they did make a success of it after a couple of years of settling in. However, she and her partner spoke decent French and worked very hard to get to know their neighbours. Winters were hard and a lovely rustic stone barn can look delightful with the sun shining and a glass of wine in your hand. However, fuel and electricity is treated with great respect in France, the locals are very frugal with their light sockets etc for a good reason.
Some half baked idea of having pigs when the nearest you have been to one is the bacon counter in Sainsbury's is just sheer daft!

petra Fri 11-Apr-14 15:56:30

The 'pig' man reminded me sooo much of a friends Husband. They have had four moves in four years, I don't know how many cars/motorbikes.
Every single time it's the best thing he's ever had and he doesn't want anything else!!!
The wife made me laugh when she was talking to camera and said: You may have noticed how enthusiastic he is.