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Channel 4 3 September

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suemac Thu 04-Sep-14 15:32:49

Watched Grand Designs and was horrified where the couple were building - the sea was eroding the cliffs there and they thought it would take 60 years to wash the cliff away at the bottom of their garden. Enlightenment dawned after one of the winter storms last year which removed more soil than they thought possible. Closed my eyes to wonder if Gwynedd CC had granted pp knowing what would happen sooner rather than later only to open them to some programme about Roma gypsies in this country. However was encouraged when a Grandma (head of family apparently) refused to marry off her 14 year old granddaughter and said it was not necessary nowadays, she should carry on with her education. The prospective bridegroom (14) thought she would get his trousers out in the morning and wait on him. He had left school, his father "was teaching him all he needed to know". Sorry for rant, I found the gypsy programme very depressing apart from the Grandma.

rubylady Fri 05-Sep-14 04:56:16

Sorry, suemac I normally watch Grand Designs but have got a bit fed up when they all seem to do the same style, large glass windows/doors and minimalist furniture. It used to be different styles, like the water mill one, that was really good and the old churches. I have taped the Gypsy Matchmaker but not watched it so far.

Did you watch The Zoo at all? It was brilliant. It made me cry. Set in the 1930's, about when Chester Zoo started and how. Wonderful.

And our Paul was back earlier too with his dogs. It's great that some good Autumn/Winter programmes are coming back on. grin