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X Factor

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Teetime Sat 11-Oct-14 09:53:30

should have said 'show'.wink

Teetime Sat 11-Oct-14 09:52:45

are they on a journey? Dreadful programme!

shysal Sat 11-Oct-14 07:35:00

I do watch X Factor, and think there are far more good singers than available places for the live shows. However, Simon was the only one with whose final choices I agreed. I find all the tears and hugs rather tedious, especially as Dermot looks so uncomfortable. I also groan every time a contestant is asked why they should go through and the reply is 'because I want this'!
I do enjoy the programme though, and it is nice to have discussions about it with the GCs.

Tegan Fri 10-Oct-14 22:13:36

I don't actually watch X Factor but I've seen an exerpt from it twice now on Gogglebox and each time Cheryl Cole has got rid of someone with a fabulous voice. Does this happen a lot? It's as if she's getting rid of potential rivals to herself. Find it a bit confusing.