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Teetime Fri 16-Jan-15 08:55:52

On BBC Breakfast News this morning was a feature about living longer which focused on a Manchester lady who was organising Night Club evenings for over '60s. Made me squirm a bit as I would think I looked pretty undignified doing this. Now I know you will take me to task about that but would you go clubbin'? I definitely wouldn't even though I love music and dancing - just wouldn't do it not even at a wedding and I know it's good exercise an all but my clubbin' days are over. sad

Mishap Fri 16-Jan-15 09:26:26

Would that I could!

PRINTMISS Fri 16-Jan-15 09:38:57

What, and let it all hang out? shock

Lona Fri 16-Jan-15 09:44:05

I didn't like clubbing when I was young even though I love dancing and music, and I certainly am not looking for ways to help me live longer.

Liz46 Fri 16-Jan-15 09:46:58

Good luck and well done to them. They are enjoying themselves and don't care what anyone thinks. I used to love jiving but don't think I could do it now. I had a great time in Liverpool in the sixties.

soontobe Fri 16-Jan-15 09:59:51

I liked the look of it.
A good night out for those who want to do it.

janeainsworth Fri 16-Jan-15 10:34:42

When we were in South Carolina last year, DH and I went to Fat Harold's Beach Club at North Myrtle Beach, 'The home of the Carolina Shag'

There were people of all ages there, but predominantly over 50's. One couple were celebrating their Golden Wedding, and we were given a slice of cake and made very welcome.
Demonstration of the Carolina Shag

DH knows where we're going to celebrate our Golden Wedding in 5 years' time grin

feetlebaum Fri 16-Jan-15 11:21:31

Someone should have shot those howling dogs...

FlicketyB Fri 16-Jan-15 14:29:43

Never had any clubbin' days. It wasn't my thing.

I do hate the way older people are treated like laboratory monkeys every time they do something that does not comply with the very limited stereotypes of older people that younger people buy into. Every time someone over 60 puts their walking frame to one side (didn't you know we are all toothless crones unable to walk unaided or think clearly?) and walks to the shops, or does some dancing, singing, or is prepared to talk sensibly on serious matters, they are trailed round the media studios as if they were an exhibit from a freak show.

soontobe Fri 16-Jan-15 14:42:44

I quite agree.

shabby Fri 16-Jan-15 14:47:11

I love to dance and will do so at any given opportunity and will continue as long as I am able. I recently went to a 'Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet' disco which according to their advertising blurb is 'A night of 70s & 80s soul, funk and disco for people who remember the tunes the first time round & still want to party & everyone else who loves a good boogie'. It was started by someone of advancing years who still loved to dance but was refused admission to a number of London clubs. They hold events at various London venues every couple of months. They are great fun and the age range varies from 16 to 80 and everyone just dances the night away. I always leave feeling exhilarated and looking forward to the next one. By the way I also remember the tunes of the 50s and 60s but unfortunately they don't play those!

KatyK Fri 16-Jan-15 16:22:55

Can't recall ever having been to a club. I love to get up and dance at weddings etc but can't imagine going to a club.

loopylou Fri 16-Jan-15 16:27:14

FlicketyB, I totally agree, makes me feel slightly sick.
Never was a clubber so highly unlikely ever will be!
Each to their own I say smile.

Juliette Fri 16-Jan-15 16:48:42

Went to a club for a 'girls night out' on DSister in laws 60th birthday, it was beyond awful. Too loud for one thing and the sight of a crowd of oldies dancing round their handbags....mind boggling! No not for me, I'll stick to dog walking for exercise thanks.

soontobe Fri 16-Jan-15 18:08:23

I agree that the music can be too loud!
We had a live band at our daughters wedding. Boy was it loud! Younger guests loved it that loud. Older ones, not so much.

bee63 Fri 16-Jan-15 18:25:16

I think it's a great idea - I'm only 51 ( only...get me, lol ) but yeah, I love dancing & will carry on until I die! it's a terrible shame that society dictates what we sould, & shouldn't be doing at a certain age. Meh.

ninathenana Fri 16-Jan-15 18:43:05

Although the one featured on Breakfast this morning was billed as clubbing and took place in a basement club the music was age appropriate and it wasn't crowded or too loud. It looked fun !
I used to go to go clubbing ( over 35's only) with a bunch of girls middle aged married women we were all in our 40's or early 50's and we always had a good time.

rubysong Fri 16-Jan-15 18:47:06

The WI in the next village to ours put on a ladies disco night and it was really good fun. There were three female singers and the music was 60s and 70s. I don't think we would have had such fun in mixed company. It raised money for breast cancer research.

Nonu Fri 16-Jan-15 19:00:37

Don"think I would like to go a Ladies only disco, like to have a few men around to spark things up and give it an edge!

janerowena Fri 16-Jan-15 19:45:54

I do like a good bop now and then - hip, dodgy knee and sprained ankle permitting. I do take my earplugs, though.

Next week is my DD's 30th and we are the Surprise Guests! grin She has no idea we are turning up. DBH will want to turn into a pumpkin by 9pm I suspect, so I may have to rely on DS to escort me back to the hotel.

No I don't go clubbing, but I do know a fair few ladies who do, in their 60s, which really surprised me. Also men. Only yesterday I was treated to the sight of a pair of my friends in their kitchen, dancing to a clubbing tune, and they were incredibly good dancers. I had no idea. They go clubbing when they are on holiday.

Eloethan Sat 17-Jan-15 01:27:05

I would love to go clubbing.

Leticia Sat 17-Jan-15 08:18:58

It looked great! I love the chance to dance and really don't care if I look undignified ( I am not good at 'dignified' anyway!). My next chance is probably at my son's wedding where I plan to dance the whole evening! Generally I have to wait until my Zumba day.

Falconbird Sat 17-Jan-15 08:26:48

At my son's wedding the mother and son dance was a really fast jive.

I was concentrating so much that I didn't care who was watching because I was scared I would fall over and break something. I was 64 at the time and my son was in his middle thirties. I do love dancing but not sure about clubbing.

Dance like no-one's watching. smile

Judi123 Sun 18-Jan-15 20:47:19

I went to a party last night (60 birthday). My friend of 42 years had the music she liked heavy rock, Guns & Roses and when UB40 came on I danced the floor by myself. Fabulous night, can't wait to do it again as soon as my knees recover. So yes lets get clubbing...our way