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rubylady Mon 23-Feb-15 04:56:42

Is it just me or do others when watching game shows either really root for the contestant or hope (if they come across a bit showy, cocky etc.) that they do not do well?

A young guy on Deal this morning who I hope does well as he seems lovely but others can be too brash or seem (in the case of programmes like Pointless) to not need to win the money. They don't seem to have many unemployed people on these shows or low paid workers.

Have others seen this or feel like this or is it just me? Maybe I'm a bit wicked at times. (or maybe it's PMT today grin)

Coolgran65 Mon 23-Feb-15 07:05:50

Oh yes, we would find ourselves rooting for a particular contestant ....or not.
For the same reasons as yourself.