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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 26-Aug-15 14:22:49

We've been asking for your votes for the Older People in the Media Awards here. Thank you so much for the nominations so far (including the one for Gransnet blush) but there's one category that needs a few more nominations...

Everyday ageism hero - best marketing campaign or initiative that promotes ageing in a positive light

As an example you loved this Weetabix ad but sadly it was aired too long ago (it needs to have appeared/been broadcast/run etc between Fri 15 Aug 2014 and Fri 14 Aug 2015).

You have until this Friday to make a nomination...

LyndaW Wed 26-Aug-15 14:43:24

I'd like to nominate our Better Leisure centres. Their website and leaflets etc always show older people in the marketing. And they do discounts for over 60s. I've always felt the major corporate gyms like Fitness First and Virgin are only for hot young bods (not like mine!) so I feel far more comfortable somewhere like this. They seem a really family friendly gym with loads of facilities for both families and older people.

Spidergran5 Wed 26-Aug-15 14:48:46

What about Loreal? Helen Mirren looks amazing in the ads.

Nelly Wed 26-Aug-15 16:38:04

I did like the helen mirren video too, although I ended up going off it as it popped up too many times. i was very surprised and pleased to find out recently that my favourite singer of all time joni mitchell, was featured in a ashion mag or adverts (can't remember which exactly). i think it was chanel, but it may have been yves saint laurent. either way, she looked brilliant.

durhamjen Thu 27-Aug-15 22:14:12

A niche market, I know, but what about this

rubylady Fri 28-Aug-15 01:24:05

I want to vote for Prunella Scales. A beautiful natural lady, always worked hard in her acting and her presenting of the Great Canal Journeys were within the time allocated. No airs and graces and a real pleasure to watch.

BabsAnn Wed 02-Sep-15 15:46:32

The seven seas ad! Not a cardy or stairlift in sight!

minimo Wed 02-Sep-15 15:58:03

I've been trying to remember this for ages and I've finally found it. & other stories (my go-to for occasion dressing). Earlier in the year they did this which I thought was very forward thinking Love this dress. Not sure about the shoes...