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The Coroner

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numberplease Tue 17-Nov-15 01:39:11

Did anyone watch the first episode of this new afternoon series? Obviously it can`t be too hard hitting in the afternoon, but it wasn`t bad, we`re going to keep watching anyway. I want to know where in Devon it was filmed, I didn`t recognise it, so nowhere we`ve been to. Very pretty place though.

chelseababy Tue 17-Nov-15 01:56:51

I think I read that it was actually filmed in Cornwall.

Bennan Tue 17-Nov-15 06:32:01

Just watched it yesterday evening. Looks promising, doesn't it? Good cast, characters and plot and the scenery didn't hurt either. Will watch again. smile

Marelli Tue 17-Nov-15 07:27:49

I enjoyed it, too. Thought it might be a bit 'soft', as in most daytime dramas, but it looks quite promising. smile

gettingonabit Tue 17-Nov-15 08:12:43

I watched it. Thought it not bad at all for a daytime drama. I wondered where it was filmed too-thought perhaps Kingsbridge or Dartmouth. To me it looked more "Devon" than "Cornwall". Pretty, though.

felice Tue 17-Nov-15 08:33:48

I do not normally watch daytime TV but decided to try this, I enjoyed it, and nicely timed straight after The Archers.

downtoearth Tue 17-Nov-15 08:48:08

I have read a book with the same title By MR Hall it is a series of books featuring a female coroner called jenny cooper of which I have read several.
If this is the same series the setting in the books where on the Welsh/English borders....I will look forward if so to watching this as I enjoy reading the different situations she gets into.

annsixty Tue 17-Nov-15 09:02:28

I have read those dte and enjoyed them although they are a bit dark. I will also check up on the series on TV which had passed me by.

annsixty Tue 17-Nov-15 09:10:34

I have just googled and I don't think it can be based on the books and reviews aren't very flattering. Will give it a go though.

ninathenana Tue 17-Nov-15 09:11:41

Yes, I enjoyed it too. Good to have a bit of drama in the afternoon as opposed to endless property and cookery programs to entertain those that do watch daytime.

Charleygirl Tue 17-Nov-15 09:28:53

Last week it had been given a good write up. I have recorded it so I am looking forward to watching it.

chelseababy Tue 17-Nov-15 16:05:04

My mistake, it's filmed around Totnes and the coast at Dartmouth, don't know where I got Cornwall from!

gettingonabit Tue 17-Nov-15 18:18:01

Thought it was Dartmouth...Torquay was in it too-you could see the Big Wheel in some shots.

The review in today's Mail wasn't so good. The reviewer said the burly bar bloke was the Coroner's father in law-I thought he was her mum's boyfriend?

grannylyn65 Tue 17-Nov-15 19:15:24


Nanabelle Tue 17-Nov-15 23:33:53

I too think bar bloke is mum's boyfriend! I am not sure that in real life Coroners behave like this! She is more like a policewoman.
I do like the programmes though - gentle watching; reminds me of Doc Martin (similar music) and Bergerac! Lovely scenery and interesting characters. We recorded it to watch in the evening.

Deedaa Sun 29-Nov-15 21:20:28

Well I've really enjoyed The Coroner for the last couple of weeks. Ideal afternoon viewing I think and lovely scenery. Claire Goose looks lovely when she's dressed up for court and sticks to the non frilly clothes that I like. The only thing that spoils it is her pantomime mother. Why can't a grandmother be shown as smart and clever? And why does she have to go round shrieking about her sex life like a fourteen year old schoolgirl?

grannylyn65 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:25:12

I wish !!! ?

miep Mon 30-Nov-15 07:23:44

I'm enjoying it on catchup as I don't watch daytime tv

ninathenana Mon 30-Nov-15 09:49:50

It's replaced by Dr Blake Mysteries today.
I'm looking forward to seeing that. DH and I both enjoyed the last series.

henetha Mon 30-Nov-15 10:34:06

I enjoyed it very much, especially as I live in south Devon and recognised where some of the scenes were shot. Definitely Dartmouth, Shaldon, Salcombe, Teignmouth, Torquay, around the south Hams.... etc . I thought it showed off our lovely county with great effect. And I liked the story-lines and the actors too. I hope there is another series.

Deedaa Mon 30-Nov-15 21:39:00

Glad to see Dr Blake back. I loved the first two series. It gives such a different view of Australia if you're like me and only know it through Neighbours.