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mustgrumble Fri 08-Jan-16 15:30:37

Nice Miles Jupp is right to sound apologetic in the self advertisement plug R4 has been broadcasting all week, because he is sensible enough to know that a joke if told and retold soon gets irritating and by the third time we heard about someone being shot twice in the jolly roger - before the end of Monday - it was making us less not more likely to want to tune in the News Quiz. Now it seems they are determined to put us off the museum of curiosity show - not necessary in my case - by playing and replaying someone with a very shrill voice screaming that she's randy and drunk. Pass the scotch will you.

More self advertisement: referencing the Archers in any news story about domestic violence, as if the tedious Rob/Helen storyline was remotely plausible. And further: putting BBC radio actors eg Patricia Green on Desert Island Discs, presumably to stimulate interest in the Archers. Who on earth would imagine such a person would have anything interesting to say? Jill Archer would be a more interesting castaway, or how about Rob? Surely Kirsty Young would have the gumption to probe as, most improbably, no one in Ambridge seems capable of doing. I seem to remember the Brian and Siobhan affair was finally brought to light by means of a Countryside Alliance march through London. Maybe it's time for another one. The Peggy Woolley actress was impressively dull when she was cast away, but at least she was old.

Amazingly, the BBC website hasn't awarded Phoebe's news headline status. Jennifer will be terribly disappointed.