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Normal for Norfolk - Wiveton Hall

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merlotgran Fri 15-Apr-16 14:21:38

Did anyone watch this on Wednesday night (BBC2) - after the doc. about the Portland Hospital?

I love programmes about eccentric owners of stately piles and I can't believe we've missed Wiveton Hall on our trips to North Norfolk which is still, just about day trip distance from us if the traffic isn't too bad.

The view from the cafe is to die for so I'm dropping hints for a birthday treat in June so we can include a tour of the gardens.

The matriach is 99 and still staggers around giving her approval/disapproval of various projects. Her son, the owner, is completely dotty!!

Just one note of disapproval. I would SACK the interior designer who ruined that lovely little fisherman's cottage even if she was a friend and obviously did it on the cheap.

Part two is next week.

aggie Fri 15-Apr-16 15:29:47

I thought the same about the cottage ! and I was waiting on the Ancient One falling over ............. looking forward to next week , it looks a really nice place to visit