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The Victorian Slum

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tiffaney Wed 19-Oct-16 12:02:23

Has anyone been watching this? Oh my goodness it truly makes you feel grateful for all we have and take for granted today. And then watching Jeremy Paxman's Victorians. Both programmes very humbling.

Wobblybits Wed 19-Oct-16 18:03:12

Victorian Slum was shocking, how can we complain about our lot today. All the aches, pains and ills we moan about, in that era we would have long been pushing up daisies.

durhamjen Tue 25-Oct-16 13:59:39

I was watching the 1870s episode, and thought, that's my family!
My mother's father was born in 1870. His dad was a publican who lost his job, and the family had to move to Otley.
The father died aged forty, and the mother had been a seamstress, so bought a shop buying and selling new and second hand clothes.
My grandad was one of eight children. He was apprenticed as a tailor and worked for his mum,in the same shop, along with two of his sisters until he was over fifty, when he married my grandmother. My grandmother made it a stipulation of the wedding that she was not going to live above the shop with his sisters!

On my mother's mother's side there was a cabinet maker who lived next to Hull docks where the timber yards were. His sons had to get work in the timber yards.

Not that they lived in slums, just the programme made me think of the work that they did.
I am expecting the 1880s programme to feature the workhouse, as that's where another of my relatives lived and worked in the 1880s, as a teacher.

wot Tue 25-Oct-16 14:04:45

I so enjoy these two programmes. They do make me feel grateful that I was born when I was! Still love the Victorian era, though!!