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Goodbye Napolion Solo

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Alima Fri 11-Nov-16 18:49:24

Robert Vaughn has passed away. The Man from UNCLE was one of the unmissable programmes of my school years. Thank you for so many happy memories. RIP

KatyK Fri 11-Nov-16 19:00:18

I've just seen this news. My sisters and myself all loved The Man from Uncle and DH and I also loved hustle. Wasn't he in Coronation Street for a while or have I got that wrong? RIP

Anniebach Fri 11-Nov-16 19:00:27

I thought he was great in The Magnificant Seven


Juggernaut Fri 11-Nov-16 19:11:42

He was one of my first crushes! I was 7 years old, and thought Napoleon Solo was the bee's knees!
I loved him in Bullitt too, although he couldn't hold a candle to Steve McQueen.
KatyK You're right, he was in Corrie, he played Milton Fanshaw.
For me though, he was just perfect as Albert Stroller in Hustle, he was still gorgeous!

DaphneBroon Fri 11-Nov-16 19:22:52

Oh watch out, you'll have grannylyn complaining that you are too keen to report someone's demise grin
I suppose it's the generation of actors/musicians/comedians we knew in our early adult lives, but there's a lot of them dying sad

Alima Fri 11-Nov-16 20:57:13

I am sorry I spelt Napoleon incorrectly! I remember most of our class sent off for UNCLE I.D badges. We were all smitten with him and David McCullum. Hadn't realised he was in Corrie too.

Deedaa Fri 11-Nov-16 21:47:37

I only just saw this. The Man From Uncle was required viewing when I was at Art School. I still love watching David MacCullum in NCIS!

ninathenana Sat 12-Nov-16 00:16:18

I love watching 'Ducky' too Deedaa he's not aged well though has he smile I had loads of pictures of him all over my bedroom walls when he was Illiya.

RIP Robert

grannylyn65 Mon 21-Nov-16 16:25:12

I am in a better mood today daphne grin!

grannylyn65 Mon 21-Nov-16 16:26:17

But I preffered David Mcallam ( sp?)

grannylyn65 Mon 21-Nov-16 16:26:24


hildajenniJ Mon 21-Nov-16 20:11:44

Ooh, Illiya Kuryakin (David McCallum) he was my hero! I always preferred him to Napoleon Solo, maybe because he's English. I did watch Robert Vaughn in The Protectors though. I thought that was brilliant.

Ana Mon 21-Nov-16 20:20:54

I think a lot of us fancied Illya in our youth, but I've just remembered Robert Vaughan was in Coronation Street at one time, and that programme Hustle on UK tv. He was a versatile actor!

rosesarered Mon 21-Nov-16 22:38:16

I never liked The Man From Uncle series, but did see Vaughn in other dramas, he was a good actor ( wasted doing all that tosh.)

rosesarered Mon 21-Nov-16 22:38:31

grin sorry!