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Freddie Mercury

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gillybob Thu 24-Nov-16 12:32:46

It was 25 years ago today that Freddie Mercury died. (24/11/1991) A sad day for music.

I can't believe it was so long ago. sad

Bellanonna Thu 24-Nov-16 13:04:12

No, I can't believe it, I would have thought a lot less. He's left a wonderful legacy and was a great man.

Teetime Thu 24-Nov-16 13:06:20

Brilliant voice and great showman. A very sad loss.

Liz46 Thu 24-Nov-16 13:28:03

I saw him live twice at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool. I certainly knew I had seen a show! As I was walking away from the theatre, my ears were ringing.

He was a one and only. I still play his music (when OH goes out) and dance round the kitchen waving my tea towel. Silly old woman.

J52 Thu 24-Nov-16 13:57:16

When I was at uni the student union hired a group for the summer ball. They cost £40 and were called Queen!

They were great and during their interval they socialised with us, in the bar. Some even partied on into the night!

The following year we had another little known group _ Hot Chocolate. Again very sociable!

merlotgran Thu 24-Nov-16 14:18:26

One Year of Love

My all time favourite Queen song.

Freddie had such a great voice.

nanaK54 Thu 24-Nov-16 14:23:26

Wow that doesn't seem possible

I was lucky enough to see Queen play live at Knebworth fantastic concert

ninathenana Thu 24-Nov-16 15:56:54

A unique talent. Such a brilliant performer with an amazing vocal range. I saw FreddIe with Queen at Knebworth with a crowd of thousands all joining in.
I knew it was 25 yrs as S was born in '91

sunseeker Thu 24-Nov-16 15:58:28

Such a talented man - he puts most modern day "singers" to shame

rubylady Fri 25-Nov-16 04:35:14

Another Queen fan, Leeds '82, fantastic, supported by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I too still play their music. I like his older stuff really, Who Wants To Live Forever etc. Could you imagine the old groups being on X factor or even artists like Rod Stewart? They probably wouldn't get through the first round because they weren't/aren't typical of a certain look. It's never done them any harm though. Rod Stewart just gets better with age. I've seen him too, when he was with Britt Ekland. Fabulous darling. grin

BlueBelle Fri 25-Nov-16 05:06:18

Love them sad loss I remember seeing Freddy perform on TV just before he died and he looked so poorly
A huge character and a fantastic entertainer who would be alive now if he's have been born a generation later

Cunco Fri 25-Nov-16 08:00:35

I heard the news that he had died while taking a taxi from the airport into Helsinki. I remember that every taxi in Helsinki was playing his songs over the couple of days I was there. It's one of my clearer memories of the time. I was not a huge fan (not like Tamla Motown) but he was exceptional and his music enduring.

glammanana Fri 25-Nov-16 08:21:03

Seems just like yesterday we heard the news of Freddies death such a loss to the music world,I too saw them at Empire Liverpool and have never seen such a good show since they where amazing.

Alima Fri 25-Nov-16 08:21:07

He really was a one-off. Love his voice and Queen. Never saw them live but their music will always live on.

JackyB Fri 25-Nov-16 11:50:39

I wanted to go and see them in 1989, but my parents were visiting and it seemed rude to (a) go out when they'd come all that way to visit and (b) to ask them to babysit.

Shortly after that, Freddie died. Queen are still definitely not forgotten.

SueDonim Fri 25-Nov-16 12:38:30

25 years? We all loved Queen in this house. Dh & I saw them at Earls Court in 1977, the queens silver jubilee year. We were in row nine - you could say we got an eyeful of Freddie in his tight harlequin bodysuit! grin