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ninathenana Wed 30-Nov-16 16:23:27

Have now Googgled it and remember seeing the trailer when we saw Fantastic Beasts. It did look good.

Azie09 Wed 30-Nov-16 16:17:58

I saw it last night. I really enjoyed it. Probably better if you're the sort of person who watches Doctor Who and doesn't get het up about the likelihood of certain bits of the plot. I thought it was interesting and clever, moving in parts and worth seeing.

Welshwife Wed 30-Nov-16 15:33:44

Had a Google and it does not seem like it would be my cup of tea.

ninathenana Wed 30-Nov-16 15:28:30

I've no idea what it's about hmm

mrsmopp Wed 30-Nov-16 14:03:14

We are going to see Arrival this evening. It's had good reviews in the press but I would rather see what GN members thing of it.
Have to be quick though - it starts at 6pm! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ณ