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Cunco Wed 07-Dec-16 18:23:08

I just wondered if anyone else has seen 'Sully'. I felt it was slow in places and it could have been a 60 minute documentary but, in the end, I was glad to have seen it. I saw it with 3 others in a cold and almost empty cinema but we all ended up glad we had seen the film. It is a human story with a message about expert investigations and computer-generated evidence. Quite thought provoking; Clint Eastwood is director.

Lillie Wed 07-Dec-16 19:13:47

Yes, we saw it at the weekend in an equally empty cinema (I don't think the title helps sell the film).
I was glad it wasn't another of those plane dramas where all the passengers live their final moments on board and get hysterical. The whole story centered around the pilot's conviction and Tom Hanks was brilliant as usual.
I didn't realise that when landing on water the slides serve as an inflatable raft which can be cut free.

overthehill Wed 14-Dec-16 17:43:42

We saw it today I thought it was brilliant.

HannahLoisLuke Sun 18-Dec-16 17:49:31

Id like to see it, especially after seeing Tom Hanks talking about the film on Graham Norton.
Hadn't realised that the pilot had endured eighteen months of investigations following the accident. He was blamed for the disaster for quite a while.

I was also amused to hear of Clint Eastwood's directing style. Where other directors stomp about shouting 'Action' and 'Cut' Eastwood apparently just comes up behind the actor and almost whispers "When you're ready." It dates back to his time in westerns when the director shouting always made the horses bolt!

Humbertbear Sun 18-Dec-16 22:25:27

We saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought it was very good. Amazingly powerful hope people stay to watch the credits and see the real Sully with the survivors.

Jayanna9040 Mon 19-Dec-16 10:01:01

Saw it last night. My heart was thumping even though I knew it all turned out alright! What a versatile actor Tom Hanks is and it was good to see the real Sully at the end.

henetha Mon 19-Dec-16 11:18:04

I absolutely loved this film. Anything with Tom Hanks is worth watching, and I thought it really was a well made film.

Greyduster Mon 19-Dec-16 11:57:54

I haven't seen is film but I would like to. I am a big Tom Hanks fan. I watched The Terminal again last night and had forgotten what a great film that was.