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mollie Fri 12-May-17 21:19:48

Really! So they kept one and gave one way? Well, it happens...

Christinefrance Fri 12-May-17 19:11:09

The lost son is Zoe's twin .

mollie Fri 12-May-17 17:08:58

Haven't watched Eastenders for 14 years but when I saw this I was curious. I don't know the background but how many more lost children does that character have? Wasn't her sister actually her daughter? Is the son older, younger? Still, having just watched Long Lost families revisited perhaps Kat's not so unusual!!

Christinefrance Fri 12-May-17 14:26:06

Is anyone going to watch Kat & Alfie in this spin off from Eastenders. It's set in Ireland where Kat is looking for her son, My husband says it will be as depressing as Enders.