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JessM Mon 15-May-17 20:56:16

Just started watching this new Netflix special. It's based on Anne of Green Gables. First episode, very closely based indeed. Then the story deviates a bit.
It is exquisitely cast and acted. Geraldine James as Marilla is brilliant. RH Thompson as Matthew. And the girl cast as Anne is an astonishing find.

Ana Mon 15-May-17 21:05:06

I loved the books as a child - my mother had them all. I'm not sure whether I'd want to see the stories on screen though.

hildajenniJ Mon 15-May-17 21:06:30

I saw that advertised. I was a bit put off by it being based on Anne of Green gables, instead of a dramatisation of the book. If you think it's good Jess, I might watch it. I loved the books.

JessM Tue 16-May-17 07:09:12

Like many of these international TV series it is produced at high-budget film quality. I would not have believed that they would find a child actor who could do such a good job of being Anne.
We also watched the first part of American Gods, TV series based on the classic Gaiman novel. Very different, several scenes with a lot of blood, but excellently acted and filmed. And like Anne, it moved at the slow pace of a novel, rather than the frantic pace that often results when someone tries to make a film of a book.

pensionpat Tue 16-May-17 08:21:45

I, too loved the Anne seines of books. They have taken quite a bit of dramatic licence with the plot, but I can see that the original might make dull viewing in today's world. It is still worth watching for the acting quality and scenery. My husband is enthralled.

JessM Mon 05-Jun-17 06:54:56

Yes my husband too. We've nearly watched all the episodes. sad
It's an new interpretation through modern eyes. The acting is stunning and how on earth did they manage to find the perfect Anne?

Luckygirl Mon 05-Jun-17 08:38:08

I must check this out. My DDs watched every episode of the original over and over again - they could quote every word - they loved it!

"Gill, you are ill, you need a pill!"

Bobbysgirl19 Wed 07-Jun-17 00:08:14

Started watching this tonight, loved it can't wait to watch a further episode tomorrow. JessM, I read that they interviewed over 1800 potential Anne's before they chose the girl for the part. I think she is just perfect for it.

Mamie Wed 07-Jun-17 06:08:37

Sorry to disagree, but I hated it. The first episode was good and very faithful to the book, but then they appeared to abandon the book and replace it with an overwrought and increasingly bizarre version of the original. Anne seemed positively unhinged at times. I thought Geraldine James was good as Marilla and it all looked lovely, but the classic, simple story was sadly lost.

rosesarered Wed 07-Jun-17 09:55:02

Loved the books.Unusual to find a spirited girl who didn't conform to any sterotypes at the times.I remember the bit where she dyed her hair with ink( she hated her ginger hair) and ended up with I think, green hair ( trendy now! grin)
I must look this programme out.

rosesarered Wed 07-Jun-17 09:55:56

The other spirited girl I liked was in Mill On The Floss.