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lemongrove Mon 16-Oct-17 21:03:22

Tonight’s episode was great, love this series! 😆

Pittcity Mon 16-Oct-17 21:23:57

Couldn't take my eyes off of the enormous codpiece!
Very clever and very funny.

Greyduster Mon 16-Oct-17 21:31:48

I love it!

MawBroon Mon 16-Oct-17 22:38:25

I love it too!

merlotgran Mon 16-Oct-17 22:50:17

Same here. A worthy successor to Blackadder.

Elrel Mon 16-Oct-17 23:17:48

Loved it, brilliant script with plenty of genuine laughs and some great acting!

vampirequeen Tue 17-Oct-17 07:32:19

I love it too.

Imperfect27 Tue 17-Oct-17 07:57:00

Ditto. X

pollyperkins Tue 17-Oct-17 07:57:19

Very clever and very funny. We are enjoying it

loopyloo Tue 17-Oct-17 07:59:01

It is the only program which makes me guffaw with laughter.
I do find it helps to watch with subtitles so you catch more of the dialogue,.
The jokes about transport and Southern Rail were brilliant.

Greyduster Tue 17-Oct-17 08:27:42

Isn’t Mark Heap just the most wonderful oily villain?

lemongrove Tue 17-Oct-17 08:48:25

I think I may start smoking a clay pipe.🤔

AlieOxon Tue 17-Oct-17 08:52:05

Oh, I missed it again! Loved the one episode I've seen - must catchup.....

AyjayF Tue 17-Oct-17 11:19:01

The supporting actors are great too. Liza Tarbuck + the woman playing Susanna who was in Raised by Wolves ( I've forgotten her name)

BBbevan Tue 17-Oct-17 13:08:55

DH and I both love this. Very clever script.

Nandalot Tue 17-Oct-17 14:05:42

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the filming of one of the first episodes. It was fascinating to watch how it was done. The clay pipes were often the cause of retakes. Going out or getting too hot to hold. The laughter you hear is genuine.
Ben Elton spoke to us at the start and sometimes during and made us feel very much part of the whole proceedings.

Lentilweaver Tue 17-Oct-17 14:32:26

it's great! stupidly I binge watched on iplayer at the beginning of the series, then had nothing to look forward to.
I agree, a worthy successor to Blackadder.

Luckygirl Tue 17-Oct-17 14:44:47

It is splendid, especially the references to the plays with alternative means by which the plots/lines etc. arose. Very clever indeed.

lemongrove Tue 17-Oct-17 17:29:18

Nandalot in that case I may stick to cheroots.😆

Not sure I can face eating sausages this week.

Deedaa Tue 17-Oct-17 22:03:27

I particularly liked the posh young actor with the stupid name, who had been to Eton. Who can they have had in mind? grin