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Luckygirl Sun 29-Oct-17 09:58:53

Can't find the old thread.

How silly the Matt storyline is - like the Rob storyline it is OTT. No-one is as villainous as Matt is being portrayed - they have just made him a stereotype of evil and it is ridiculous. I have never met anyone who encapsulates evil to this degree.

Stop it now you crazy scriptwriters and give as some storylines that reflect real life.

merlotgran Wed 27-Feb-19 20:59:12

I shall be cross if Ed and Emma get diddled out of their savings or Ed ends up doing something illegal.

Why can't something nice happen to them for a change?

FountainPen Fri 01-Mar-19 08:59:23

Despite Emma being a grafter I can't take to her. Too much like her mother. Tim clearly fancies her. Will she succumb to his flattery? She and Ed part? The house at Elliottville bite the dust? I've wondered if the very long term story arc will have Emma and Will back together again.

Where are Tom and Natasha going to live? I can't see them getting along with the Bridge Farm crowd who clearly don't like the woman. Natasha and Hannah both at The Green? Poor Johnny will be sleeping with the Montbeliardes.

Lazigirl Fri 01-Mar-19 09:54:13

I'm not keen on Emma either FP. Yes another dodgy character enters stage left. Look out Emma & Ed. If something looks too good to be true it usually is!

Nelliemoser Fri 15-Mar-19 19:20:17

What the Hell has she done now .

Have I heard the wrong episode.

crystaltipps Mon 18-Mar-19 18:31:51

What’s going on in the Archers? Why doesn’t Lee google Helen and find out about her past? Will Hannah be up the duff? Will Natasha find out about Kirsty and Hannah? Will Jill move out with Leonard? Will they all starve without her casseroles?

Lazigirl Mon 18-Mar-19 21:49:31

Lee would certainly know about Helen in RL unless he was out of the country, but hey this is TA, and they like a story to run and run..........

showergelfresh Mon 18-Mar-19 22:11:17

I think the Helen story line was perfect and brought domestic abuse and manipulation to the notice of the nation.

During the Helen and Rob story line listeners to the Archers rose dramatically.
Now she has met someone new she is reminded of the dreadful way Rob treated her. This is a natural progression and is not the story running and running.

It takes a lot to notice how a person may be manipulating you as you simply think you are going crazy. The Archers is there to advertise current issues we would do well to be aware of.

Another brilliant story line is Freddie actually being banged up for selling drugs. It is saying the listeners 'Yes - that will happen if you commit such a serious crime'.
Another is Lilly feeling responsible for her mother.

Has anyone on this thread actually suffered a the hands of a manipulator enough to understand how horrendous it is and how undermines you so badly your self esteem becomes zero?

One thing is for sure. The story line is NOT OTT.

Lazigirl Tue 19-Mar-19 09:26:28

I do understand how devastating coercive control can be showergel because it affects someone in my own family, and has almost destroyed a friend's life. I also think it's positive that drama and soaps raises awareness of such issues. When I said TA drags things out I meant that the current storyline with Helen & Lee will run and run until it eventually resolves to listeners relief, or not. Sometimes it just goes on too long is all I was saying, but hey it's not RL but "entertainment" and they are trying to hook in audiences.

grumppa Sun 24-Mar-19 10:59:32

Following the revelations of the new look Carol Vorderman and Madame Macron, when do we get to see the new Jill Archer?

shysal Sun 24-Mar-19 11:35:04

Anyone else think Russ might make a play for Elizabeth (or vice versa!)? They got on well on the cake testing trip.

grumppa Sun 24-Mar-19 12:44:28

It's beginning to look a lot like incest... (of a sort).

Perhaps Freddie will come home, find him in flagrante with mummy, and end up on a murder charge.

phoenix Sun 24-Mar-19 19:08:30

shysal I do agree with you, something could be brewing there.............

merlotgran Sun 24-Mar-19 19:53:29

I still can't see this thread on the active list and I'm fed up with asking HQ to fix it. angry

Agree about Russ and Lizzie. Some great stuff coming up I think…..

Russ and Lizzie
Does Natasha really have money?
Will Ed suss that his NBF is dodgy?
Can't wait for the bombshell to be dropped at Rosie's christening. grin

Shula's as boring as ever though.

shysal Mon 25-Mar-19 04:53:57

merlotgran, I have this thread in my 'watched' list so that it is always visible to me. You might find it easier to do the same.

katie1 Mon 25-Mar-19 12:03:50

I also thought Lizzie might take Russ’s helpfulness the wrong way. I also think Natasha doesn’t have money and she thinks she has fallen on her feet marrying into a well-offish family. 🤔

merlotgran Mon 25-Mar-19 19:30:52

I suppose we could start another one?

I think I'll report this post to bring it to their attention again. It's a shame if this thread doesn't appear on Active because others might want to contribute.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 25-Mar-19 19:36:10

Hello all

It seems that threads that are over a year old do not appear in active when posted on again. It's a tech thing that we can't circumvent - a possible solution is to start a new thread linking to the old for reference

merlotgran Mon 25-Mar-19 19:41:02

Thanks, Cari.

I'll start a new one with a link.