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Informative programme on prostate cancer treatments

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silverlining48 Wed 07-Mar-18 16:09:37

For those interested I have just heard a helpful inside health programme on r4 about research, diagnosis and treatments for prostate cancer. It can be heard on the r4 website.

Esspee Wed 07-Mar-18 16:15:21

Thank you for sharing that with us Silverlining. That is the benefit of Gransnet, we can benefit from everyone's knowledge. flowers

silverlining48 Wed 07-Mar-18 18:00:06

My husband had no symptoms but a friend had been diagnosed so I made him an appointment to see the gp for a psa test which was within the normal range. We were therefore not expe ting him to be diagnosed so it was a huge surprise that he was.
He had surgery last June and is being monitored with another appointment tomorrow.

Lazigirl Wed 07-Mar-18 18:35:08

I also heard this silverlining. It is interesting that although prostate cancer has been high profile lately (definitely a good thing) the diagnosis is problematic and PSA test not yet sophisticated enough to identify the fast growing disease, meaning many men will undergo treatment to save a few with the life threatening type. I guess if you're the one with rapid developing cancer you would be glad to be found early. MRI scanning seems to be the way forward. I'm interested because my DH had prostatectomy 8 years ago with no other treatment since and fine since. Perhaps he didn't need it but who knows?