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maryeliza54 Sun 25-Mar-18 17:31:57

I’m enjoying this - I sat down last night full of anticipation to find it had been postponed because of the terrorist attack in the Aude. I really think this was a bit OTT - but maybe I’m being insensitive?

TerriBull Sun 25-Mar-18 18:15:23

Well yes we were all geared up for it too. I was split between thinking it was a somewhat over the top reaction by the BBC but appreciating that they may well have come in for criticism if they hadn't pulled the programme given the nature of the plot and the fact that sadly 4 people were killed down in southern France. Disappointing though we only really tune in at 9 pm for whatever series is being shown on BBC4. Liking this one very tense, plus we were in Copenhagen recently.

Auntieflo Sun 08-Apr-18 08:12:16

Has any one watched this series to the end? Last night, final episode, showing Philip imprisoned with two other soldiers. After he had escaped, one of them was shown to have hanged himself. Not wanting to be morbid, but how did he manage that? He had a very damaged, broken foot. There appeared to be no furniture, chair etc on which to raise himself high enough to reach a rafter/ beam. So I was wondering, how did he do it?

Iam64 Sun 08-Apr-18 09:03:50

No Auntieflo - I'm watching on catch up and others here missed out on last night's episode because of the terrorist attack.
I'm enjoying the series, good actors and an interesting story line.

silverlining48 Sun 08-Apr-18 09:17:57

Watched last night. I also wondered how mark escaped unless i missed something, he wasnt ransomed, and that left jim.
Wont do a spoiler but it was an interesting end with a bit of a twist which didnt reflect well on phillip. Will say no more.
Next week its a belgian show, brush up your flemish/ french.
I am so used to subtitles ( we seem to use them a lot as people mumble so) so its not a hardship now.

Nannylovesshopping Sun 08-Apr-18 09:28:20

I also couldn’t work out how mark escaped, could have dozed off when that bit happenedgrin

silverlining48 Sun 08-Apr-18 10:47:40

Maybe we both dozed off nannie. smile

Auntieflo Sun 08-Apr-18 14:06:59

I think perhaps that I wasn't concentrating properly, as I had completely missed the fact that I didn't 'get' how Mark had escaped. Duh. Hope we haven't spoiled it for those still to watch the final episodes.