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Folk Prom

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Luckygirl Fri 03-Aug-18 21:55:49

Anyone else been watching this?

I am a huge folk fan - my family organise one of the biggest folk festivals in the UK - and have been looking forward to this prom. But I have mixed feelings about it.

I love my folk "pure." Orchestrated and arranged folk is not the ticket for me.

I can cope with the sort of arrangements of folk music from Vaughan Williams and Holst - they are sensitive to the origins of the tunes.

But this attempt to fuse the two falls short of the mark for me.

Cherrytree59 Fri 03-Aug-18 22:05:28

I like me music raw
I think it takes something away from the music/song when an orchestra is added.
Hard to explain what I meanconfused

Cherrytree59 Fri 03-Aug-18 22:06:08

My music!

merlotgran Fri 03-Aug-18 22:08:12

I agree Luckygirl. It all seemed self indulgent. I love orchestrated folk music when it's Percy Grainger or Holst but I gave up after an hour. There's always iPlayer if I feel like giving it another go.

Did it improve?

paddyann Fri 03-Aug-18 22:16:28

I gave up on it too.I love folk but it has to be proper folk ,I like orchestral music too but as a seperate thing .

Luckygirl Fri 03-Aug-18 22:16:51

Not really I am afraid.

And I am not a big fan of the Unthanks. I heard them many moons ago when they were first starting out and am puzzled by their success.

Sam Lee slightly irritated me - his manner was suited to songs from the shows - which are great, but not folk!

I heard a young soprano, Ruby Evans, in recital this week and she tried to sing some folk songs - it just did not work. She sang them like lieder or art songs and it did not hit the mark.

Each to their own I think. I love the purity and genuineness of folk. It is a shame the prom could not have reflected that - as though you could not call it a prom if there was no orchestra.

merlotgran Sat 04-Aug-18 00:11:23

I'm really enjoying Havana meets Kingston though. DH has dozed off in his chair, the dogs are asleep in their baskets and I'm playing Solitaire on the laptop while listening to the Proms.


Grandma70s Sat 04-Aug-18 06:33:57

I swttched it on and then off again very quickly. It looked just like a pop concert to me. I didn’t really give it a chance, but I don't regret that. People screaming into microphones, not for me.

I’d probably have enjoyed the Ruby Evans recital mentioned by Luckygirl. Folk songs are often very beautiful. I grew up listening to Benjamin Britten’s lovely folk song arrangements like The Foggy Faggy Dew and Early One Morning, just voice and piano, not authentic at all, but aesthetically pleasing.

Grandma70s Sat 04-Aug-18 07:19:37

Oh, I was thinking of Ruby Hughes. I don’t know Ruby Evans.

Luckygirl Sat 04-Aug-18 10:09:11

Sorry yes - Ruby Hughes.

Some folk song arrangements are good - but this lady's voice just did not do it for me - her voice is very "solid" and lacks flexibility and lightness of touch.

Grandma70s Sat 04-Aug-18 10:57:14

We sang a lot of British folk songs at school in the 1950s. It was probably the National Song Book or similar. I absolutely loved them, and regard it as an important part of my education. Lovely tunes and words, and a part of our history and heritage. I think it is very, very sad that children don’t learn these songs today. They miss so much.

Luckygirl Sat 04-Aug-18 12:41:06

I share that view. But take heart - the folk music world is alive and well, which is encouraging.

grannyactivist Sat 04-Aug-18 16:39:38

Indeed it is Luckygirl - East Devon is alive with the sound of fiddles and bells this week. wink