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Christopher Robin film August 2017

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FarNorth Thu 13-Sep-18 15:22:39

I saw the new one recently and I liked it but thought it would appeal more to adults and older children. It is rated PG after all.
I'm glad your GC loved it, littleflo.

KatyK Thu 13-Sep-18 14:45:37

Is this Goodbye Christopher Robin or the new one with Ewan McGregor? I loved Goodbye Christopher Robin - I'm not sure it was Disney. I haven't seen the new 2018 one (the Ewan one) but the reviews were dire.

bigcol1 Thu 13-Sep-18 11:23:55

I haven't seen the film but I have seen trailers and from what I have seen I think it is supposed to convey that adult people can still have an imagination but they have to keep it alive otherwise it will die. Maybe that's what happened up until that moment when he said "What I'll do - etc" and pooh answered. I suppose I could be wrong, its just a personal opnion tho - BIG COL

goldengirl Tue 21-Aug-18 11:17:47

I thought it was more of an adult film judging from the reviews I read when it came out.

littleflo Tue 21-Aug-18 08:33:46

I hated it, dismal, depressing and unoriginal. However my two GC 8 and 6 loved it. I have been dragged to many kids films, some good, many not so good, but I have to say this was the worst.

Grannyknot Mon 20-Aug-18 22:02:51

Thank you, Shimeld for that review, I am hoping to watch it with my grandson soon.

Welcome! if you're new to GN smile

shimeld Mon 20-Aug-18 18:51:33

We all sat twitching with excitement in our seats as we chomped through sweets and nuts anticipating a good old heart warming Disney production.

When the film started I was already in floods of tears mode then after the emotional opening scene with Christopher saying goodbye to Pooh we were thrust into the hard life of growing up in a boarding school and going to war, followed by post war hard times of working for a London based luggage company at management level.

As a nearly middle aged Christopher is forced into making cuts at the company we are gently reminded of the ethics behind the world of working grown ups.

Apart from the much welcomed moments of 1950's nostalgia we spent a considerable time trying to keep the grand kids, (5 and 7), from eating themselves stupid with sweets through sheer boredom.

Don't get me wrong there were moments when the kids laughed out loud in the animated scenes however this script seems to have been a commentary on how tough it is been a grown up.

I would say this is a film more suited to adults and children over 12 who perhaps have the experience to see past the message and just enjoy the film.

The animation is superb in the style of Peter Rabbit.

Oh Disney have you gone political in your old age?

I thoroughly loved it so read the reviews before taking the grandkids.