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Bletchley -help

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mimiro Mon 17-Sep-18 18:56:23

waiting to watch The Bletchley Circle san francisco
all the entertainment guides show there being 8 episodes.(with the titles)
BUT all the listings i find only show 4(ending aug 22)
i know most british shows only do 4 at a time.
can someone over there, please tell me if all 8 were broadcast(#8 would be this week)
are the mags and rags all getting ahead of themselves?
many thanks

Treebee Mon 17-Sep-18 19:13:13

DH watched them and says there were 4 episodes.

mimiro Mon 17-Sep-18 19:41:39

treebee thank you

Charleygirl Mon 17-Sep-18 21:54:44

I agree, I have recorded 4 to watch- I have not got around to doing it yet.